ROK Coffee Grinder Lets You Grind Coffee with Variable Coarseness

They say a perfect cup of coffee starts with the ground beans, but not just not any ground beans; they must be freshly ground if you want the best possible flavor out of the beans and that’s where your investment for the must-have caffeinated beverages goes up. Not only will you need a coffee maker, […]

Latte Foam Art Made Easy with Takara Tomy’s Awata Ticino

For aspiring barista who desire to create latte art that pops, Takara Tommy Art has just the right tool for you: the Awata Ticino 3D Latte Art Maker. 3D latter art is a big rage today, but pick up this intricate skills require quite a fair bit of training and the Awata Ticino 3D Latte […]

Bruvelo Pour-over Coffee Maker Uses Your Smartphone to Brew the Perfect Blend of Crafted Coffee

One factor in coffee making has kept the art of manual pour-over coffee alive and that’s the precise control of bean-to-water ratio. Needless to say, the old way is a long tedious process and it would take years of practice to get the consistency, but now, a new, connected coffee maker called Bruvelo promises do […]

Minipresso Lets You Make a Cup of Joe with the Amount of Extracted Coffee You Desire on-the-go

if you are a serious coffee drinker, we bet you won’t make it through the day without a few cup of joes. your need for coffees are pretty much covered while moving around the city or even in your office, but what if you are out camping, boating and traveling in locality where coffee drinking […]

Hey Joe Coffee Mug Lets You Make And Drink Coffee On-The-Go

have you ever had the craving for a cup of joe while stuck in the traffic? well, if you are in places like Jakarta you probably can get the boys peddling buns outside to grab a cup for you, but if you are elsewhere, you will have to look to Hey Joe Coffee Mug for […]

Espresso or Filter Coffee Maker? La Fenice Does It All With Precision

espresso or American filter coffee? it is not an easy decision because if you have the love for both, you will end having two separate machines, which means dropping more money and also occupying precious kitchen countertop real estate. with the La Fenice, it is one machine that serves both, thereby saving you money and […]

Piamo Lets You Make A Single Cup of Espresso Using Microwave Oven

espresso and microwave oven are two seemingly distance things that bear no relation or whatsoever, or at least, before we stumble upon the Piamo Microwave Espresso Machine. but can microwave oven really brew a cup of espresso? apparently yes and the whole process takes no more than a minute, which makes it the perfect solution […]

Manual Coffeemaker No1

pour-over coffee made by hand is akin to stick shift in automobiles. it is a connoisseur thing. if you are like us who chooses manual over auto despite the fact that some auto cars are equally fast, if not faster, then we suppose, slow brewing for a hot caffeinated cuppa would be your, well, cuppa too. that’s if…