What you see here is LG DUOBO by LG Labs. It is LG Electronics’ first-ever capsule coffee machine by LG’s new marketing platform, LG Labs. The market is certainly not lacking capsule coffee machines but this little guy here is no ordinary capsule coffee machine.

LG DUOBO by LG Labs Capsule Coffee Machine

DUOBO features a dual-capsule extraction system that allows for two-shot layered blending, thus allowing you to personalize the flavor. It is app-enabled which allows even more personalization of the blend. Using the DUOBO mobile app, you can precisely adjust the temperature and pressure that will yield the taste you desire.

The best part is that the machine is compatible with coffee capsules from various brands. This opens up a wide range of strengths, roasts, and flavors to you to match and blend to create your unique coffee blend. If you like to experiment and explore different coffee flavors beyond the norm, DUOBO definitely sounds like a dream machine.

Aesthetically, I thought the DUOBO by LG Labs looked like a 3-legged robot sitting on an ultra-thick weighing scale. It looked like a two-piece design if I may add. And I was not far off. LG said the design, which draws inspiration from “the wonders of space exploration”, resembles a space probe.

LG DUOBO by LG Labs Capsule Coffee Machine

Not going to lie. It is not the prettiest machine at first glance but it does grow on you. Well, once you get over the fact that it isn’t a space robot on a kitchen weighing scale. Interestingly, LG chose to launch the DUOBO on July 20 to commemorate Apollo 11’s moon landing in 1969. Honestly, I do not quite see the connection between coffee and space exploration, let alone with the moon landing. But it is what it is.

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Anyhoo… the “base” where the “space probe” rest on has an integrated full HD IPS display which is also where coffee cups are placed during the extraction process. I thought it was a strange design because the coffee cup will be blocking the center of the display during extraction.

According to LG, the display adds an extra layer of enjoyment by offering users access to a variety of engaging content such as DUOBO exclusive animations and coffee-related information. The display is said to create “a truly immersive coffee brewing experience that is both delightful and informative”.

LG DUOBO by LG Labs Capsule Coffee Machine

Now for the good news. DUOBO by LG Labs is not a concept. This futuristic capsule-based coffee machine is now being crowdfunded on Kickstarter where it can be pre-ordered at a super early bird price of US$399. The eventual retail price is US$799, btw, which is nuts. So, if you want one, be sure you secure a unit during its campaign.

The campaign by LG Labs will end on September 18, 2023. But you will want to act on it fast because the US$399 sticker will not stick around for long. There are only 15 units left at this price. The campaign has already met its set funding goal, therefore a pledge for a product is a pre-order. At the time of this post, nearly 300 coffee lovers have helped rolled in almost US$120,000 so far.

LG DUOBO by LG Labs Capsule Coffee Machine

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Images: LG.

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