espresso or American filter coffee? it is not an easy decision because if you have the love for both, you will end having two separate machines, which means dropping more money and also occupying precious kitchen countertop real estate. with the La Fenice, it is one machine that serves both, thereby saving you money and the dilemma over which to buy. but that’s only a start. it is also an energy sipper too, thanks to the incorporation of a patented electromagnetic induction heater that heats up the water instantly on demand, therefore allowing the machine to be switched off until you need to use it. according to its inventor, this method results in up to 80 percent of energy saving which could save you a significant amount of money over time. a custom circuitry controls the power of the electromagnetic induction heater and the brewing process, as well as enabling precise control over the pressure, flow-rate and temperature of this handsome coffee maker. by precise manipulation of the parameters, it that allows one single machine to serve both types of caffeinated drinks.

La Fenice Electromagnetic Induction Coffee Maker

additionally, a wide range of filters enable La Fenice the flexibility of the type of coffee sources; your perfect blend of American filter coffee and espresso can be brewed from either ground coffee or widely available capsules such as the K-Cup and FAP. besides treating your taste bud to wonderful cups of joe or espresso, La Fenice’s old Italian coffee machine-inspired design of aluminum and wood makes it a beautiful piece of appliance and a sight to behold too. it has a neo-futuristic appearance that kind of reminds us of classic European sports cars. for a machine that does both, we were pleasantly surprised by its sticker; limited quantity is going for just $250 for early backers on La Fenice’s Kickstarter endeavor, with delivery slated for December, or $300 if that ship has sailed. keep going for a pitch video to learn more about this revolutionary coffee maker.

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