Former Dyson Engineers Developed The Smallest And Possibly, Strongest Portable Espresso Maker

Cut your routine of dropping by Starbucks for your daily morning espresso fix with this little guy called Coffeejack Portable Espresso Maker. At just 100 mm tall (under 4 inches!), Coffeejack is indeed a little fellow.

Nespresso Professional Outs New, Super Sleek Coffee Machine For Businesses

Thinking of setting up a coffee shop? Well then, Nestlé Nespresso may just have the coffee machine, or as the company calls it, coffee system, for you. The Nespresso Momento Coffee System is offered two models: single-head (100) and double-head (200) models.

PicoBrew Unveiled A Countertop Brew Computer For Brewing Coffee, Tea, Beer And More

Are you a beverage lover who love beer as much as coffee and tea, and prefer to brew them yourself? Well, if so, PicoBrew has just the appliance for you. Called Pico MultiBrew Brewing Appliance, it is the countertop equivalent of the commercial-grade Z Series Craft Beer System we saw earlier this year.

Here’s A F1 V12 Engine Espresso Machine In Gold And Diamonds

If you haven’t heard of Super Veloce, it is a Germany company that makes aviation and motorsport inspired coffee machines. It is calling them “limited edition functional art.” Well, it is ‘art’ if only you appreciate turbines and fossil fuel engines spitting out hot Joe. Anyways, the company has a series of Formula 1 V12 […]

See See Motorcycles’ Ural Is A Literal Cafe Racer, Because Coffee Machine

Cafe racer is lightweight and often lightly powered motorcycle that is characterized by speed and agility and at one point in the 60s, bikers started using cafe racer to make quick rides between cafe (or cafe hopping, as some prefer to call it). Those what you and I know about cafe racers, but now, a […]

This Coffee Maker Makes Cold Brew In Minutes And Hot Joe In 30s

Cold brew coffee is a connoisseur thing because, making a cuppa of cold joe at home requires quite some investments – both in time and money. Fortunately, you don’t need to drop thousands for a steampunk, lab-like cold drip contraption or even hundreds for that matter because, there is FrankOne One-Touch Coffee Maker. I am […]

Iron Man Coffee Maker: There’s No Javis. It Just Makes Java

Movie-themed kitchen appliances are nothing new. Just ask Star Wars. But when a celebrity like Robert Downey Jr., who’s career was literally given a second life with Iron Man and Avengers franchises, took to Facebook to let his fans know about an Iron Man-themed coffee maker, it can go viral pretty quickly. So, yeah, there […]

This Cold Coffee Maker Looks More Like A Steampunk Lab Equipment

What looks like a steampunk laboratory device is actually a Japanese Slow Drip Cold Brewer. It really is a sight to behold with the brass and wood construction, and the suspended spherical glass up top. It is handmade in Japan where apparently cold brew coffee originated. I don’t know if that’s true, but we will […]

Cora Coffee Brewer: A Stylish Pour-over Coffee Maker That’s Smart Too

If you love making coffee like its mean to be, i.e. pour-over, then I am sure you will dig the Cora Coffee Brewer. Yes. Yes. It is a pour-over coffee maker, but it absolutely stylish and kind of high tech too. I know. A pour over coffee maker is not exactly something one would considered […]

This Cold Brew Coffee Maker Is The Micro-Brewery Of The Coffee World

KitchenAid, the kitchen small appliance maker best known for its retro styling, has introduced a bunch of coffee tools and among them, the Cold Brew Coffee Maker had us at hello. Well, it can’t actually speaks, but you get the idea. It looks vastly differently from the retro-styling most of its ware touts. In fact, […]