After the success of Balmuda’s first kitchen appliance, Balmuda The Toaster, a coffee maker was planned. However, it would be six years before it happen. In between, a kettle, a rice cooker and a microwave oven joined the growing artisanal kitchen appliances.

Balmuda The Brew Open Drip Coffee Maker

But today, the coffee maker finally materializes. Folks, meet the Balmuda The Brew Open Drip Coffee Maker, and oh boy is it a beautiful machine! Pardon me for my excitement. Yours truly here is a major sucker for all things beautiful.

The machine is both minimal and sophisticated at the same time – thanks to the clever use of two spectra of materials: hard shining metal and black component in matte texture.

Balmuda The Brew Open Drip Coffee Maker

With a width that is barely wider than a coffee cup saucer, or about 14 cm (5.5 inches), Balmuda The Brew is designed with limited countertop real estate in mind.

Attention to detail is the name of the game – right down to the operation of the machine. An orange lamp and the sound of the pendulum of an old clock ticking work up your anticipation for a hot precisely dripped coffee.

Balmuda The Brew Open Drip Coffee Maker

While the machine packs the essence of the science of coffee brewing, the operation, however, is simple.

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All you need to do is top up the removable water reservoir, set the drip filter, and add your favorite ground coffee. After that, it is just a matter of choosing from the three extraction modes (regular, strong, or ice), the number of cups you desire, hitting the start button, and sit back and relax.

Balmuda The Brew Open Drip Coffee Maker

Depending on the mode you chose and the temperature, extraction takes anywhere between 4 and 7 minutes. An audible tone lets you know that the process is complete. Finally, the machine is equipped with a self-cleaning mode.

Looking at how beautiful the machine is, it is hard to say no. Well, that’s until I saw the price. It cost a whopping 59,400 yen, which is about an ostentatious US$515.

Balmuda The Brew Open Drip Coffee Maker

That’s not the most expensive. There’s a Starbucks Reserve Limited Edition (as pictured in the featured image) that commands a cool 64,900 yen, or around US$563. But seriously, if I have the kind of money, I would buy the Starbucks Reserve Limited Edition in a heartbeat.

All images courtesy of Balmuda [JP].

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