monitor the temperature of multiple food simultaneously with the iGrill2 by iDevices. like its predecessor, the iGrill, this sleek little device now supports monitoring of temperature of up to four food via the use of probes and a free iDevices Connected app from up to 150 feet away (46 meters). the device features a vibrant LED display with proximity wake-up functionality, magnetic mounting, four probe ports and a whopping 150-hour battery life. this iteration also sports a more rugged design over the original to stand up to the grueling use of grilling or BBQ activities, and it uses Bluetooth Smart technology that eliminates the need for manual pairing and also providing a more stable connection. the magnetic mounting ensures the device stays stick to your metal grill or smoker, or an optional magnetic disc can be used for mounting on non-magnetic surfaces.

the device is equipped with a bright proximity sensor LED display, accompanied by arrow keys, allowing you to quickly cycle through to check on the temperature of the four meats that you are monitoring. the iGrill2 works with iPad (3rd generation and newer), iPhone (4s and up), as well as iPod touch (5 and up), but an Android version of the app is in the works and will be available within this year, thereby expanding the compatibility of the iGrill2. so avid grilling- and/or BBQ fans who uses Android devices, do keep your eyes peeled. for now, iOS device users will be able to snag this awesome hardware for $99.99 a pop when it hit the shelves this year. no specific date was offered, though.

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