Jet Engine Repurposed Into BBQ Grill Station Is Likely The Coolest BBQ Ever

Want a BBQ grill that screams attention? Well then, do what the team at Delta Airlines TechOps did: turn a passenger jet engine into a BBQ grill station. That, of course, is only if you have an enormous backyard and the money to spare. In what could possibly be the coolest BBQ grill ever built, […]

If Superheroes Do BBQ, They Will Probably Use This BBQ Tool Set

I am not sure if superheroes like Batman, Captain America, or Wonder Woman do BBQ. I imagine that they not only do, but have a deep love for BBQ. After all, they are Americans aren’t they, and honestly, tell one true blue American who doesn’t love a good BBQ session? Probably none. If they do, […]

Nissan’s ‘Smokin’ TITAN’ Is Literally A Smoking Pickup Truck

If you love a good tailgating party and BBQ, and also have a thing for pickup trucks, then I am pretty damn sure you are going to dig the Nissan ‘Smokin’ TITAN’ Pickup Truck as much as I do. Unveiled at last month at the 2018 Work Truck Show, this specially modified 2018 Nissan TITAN […]

BBQ Toolbox Because, You Never Know When The BBQ Bug Will Bite You

What’s the purpose of a toolbox? In case you need to carry out unexpected repair? That sounds like a fair purpose to us. But now imagine this: what if you unexpectedly feel like starting a BBQ? Well, then you will be needing a toolbox. But not just any toolbox. You will need the BBQ Toolbox. […]

GoSun Go: Solar-powered Cooking In A Package No Bigger Than A Purse

Camping is fun and so is picnic. However, along with the fun, comes the mandatory, sometimes back-breaking chore of lugging along fire starter, a BBQ pit and/or stove, and of course, the hassle of collecting fire woods. But thanks to the folks over at GoSun, the aforementioned are just part of history. The company’s latest […]

BioLite FirePit Does Smokeless Wood-burning Without Dangerous Propane

BioLite, the purveyor of all-thing camping, is back with a new tool that will revitalize how you camp forever. The company has reimagined how a campfire should be with BioLite FirePit, a high-tech take of the age-old camping essential. First and foremost, FirePit is a versatile fire pit that can keep your warm, cook your […]

100% Solar-powered Stove Lets You Enjoy Pollution-free BBQ Anywhere

Forget about charcoal, firestarter and heavy grill the next time you BBQ, because SolSource, the clean and green sun-powered grill, now has a version designed with portability in mind. Called SolSource Sport, it leverages on the same principle as the larger SolSource but in a package that’s a lot more easy to handle when heading […]

Trashcan BBQ Grill Cooks Better And Will Be The Talk Of The Party

Cool stuff need not be expensive and neither do they need to be from big brand names. Cool stuff is by itself, just cool and you will know it when you see one, like for example, the The Original Po’ Man Charcoal Grill & Cooker. This trash can. No, wait. I mean BBQ grill, is […]

Grillinator Cleans BBQ Grill’s Top And In-between In One Stroke

If you BBQ often, then you will know the pain when it comes to cleaning the grill. In this part of the world, we minimize the hassle by have a disposable layer of grill over the original grill, but that’s not quite the most environmental friendly solution. The best way is to clean with the […]

EvenFlip Cooking Stick Ensures Your Food Will Stay Flat Over The Fire

If food cooked over campfire always turned out unevenly cooked sounds like a familiar scenario to you, then EvenFlip may be the answer to this nagging first world problem. You can do without EvenFlip by conforming to the campfire by bending or squatting, but this $20 always-flat cooking stick negates such exercises. How so? You […]