Burned by Design Star Wars AT-AT BBQ Grill/Firepit

While this custom Star Wars AT-AT BBQ Grill/Firepit created by Alex Dyson of Burned by Design is portable as Firekorf, it is certainly win in the cool department. At least, it is to Star Wars fans anyways.

Absolutely love the weathered details and the polished Star Wars branding on the pit cover handle. However details are non-existence beyond what we can see.

Burned by Design Star Wars AT-AT BBQ Grill/Firepit

The good news is, we heard it will be available on Burned by Design website. For how much? We are just as clueless. All I know is, I am finding myself wanting one and yet, I do not have a balcony, let alone a backyard for this little big guy.

Also, we noted that it makes a perfect companion to the custom Star Wars AT-AT Mailbox we seen some years ago.

Burned by Design is a U.K. company specializing in custom outdoor wood burners, fire puts as well as indoor Bio ethanol burners. Check out the company’s Instagram page and website for more cool creations.

Images: Facebook (@BurnedbyDesign).

Source: The Awesomer.