Custom Star Wars Imperial AT-AT Mailbox

Not everyone can be like Colin Furze who has the technical skill and financial backing to build an 18-foot tall ‘playable’ AT-AT in their backyard, but I am sure most of us are well capable of cobbling up a smaller scale version suitable for your mails and the occasional squirrel/chipmunk raids. Just to clarify, by mails, we are referring to the good’ol snail mails which still refused to die in this digital age. I know. This Custom Star Wars Imperial AT-AT Mailbox is, aesthetically, not perfect, but you know what? That’s actually the beauty of this mailbox.

Information regarding this awesomeness is scarce, but what I can see is, it was built around a stock mailbox, likely painted in the same silver/grey color scheme. Obviously, this custom mailbox is not going to walk away with your mails as the legs appeared to be of one-piece welded construction. Damn, I can’t stop looking at it while wishing I had a mailbox like that. Sadly, apartments do not allow custom mailboxes. I will keep dreaming about it anyway. If you know who own this baby, please do let us know, ya? You can find the full image after the break.

UPDATE [6.50PM PDT; Mar 22, 2017] If you read comment below, the person responsible for this awesome work of art is artist Jason Hurst of Works By A Hurst (awesome name, btw). You can sniff out more of his work over at his Facebook page or hit up his Etsy store and see for yourself what he has for sale (hint: comic fans will be digging them!).

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Custom Star Wars Imperial AT-AT Mailbox

via UNILAD Tech.