Giant Star Wars AT-AT Garden Den by Colin Fuze

British garage inventor Colin Furze is known to invent and build all sorts of crazy stuff, ranging from fire-breathing pulse jet-powered trike to homemade hoverbike to ‘less insane’ things like remote controlled trash can, but for his latest build, it was surprisingly sane and danger-free too, well, that’s unless you count falling off an AT-AT as a real danger. So, yes. Colin has constructed an enormous AT-AT based off the upcoming Rogue One: A Star Wars Story movie and he wasn’t in it alone; eBay UK has his back with all the supplies he needed to realize a real world AT-AT and no, I am 100 percent sure he did not spend 226.5 million dollars to build it.

Giant Star Wars AT-AT Garden Den by Colin Fuze
Majestic view of Colin’s 18 feet tall AT-AT

While Colin’s version isn’t life-size, so to speak, it is entirely proportional to the official Rogue One AT-AT toy. Even the details are carbon copy of the toy version, right down to knuckle, ankle and markings. The end result is a towering 18 feet (5.5 meters; the ‘actual’ thing, btw, was 20 meters or about 66 feet) tall Rogue One AT-AT that has a usable play space within, accessible via a concealable stairs which is lowered with a powered winch system.

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Giant Star Wars AT-AT Garden Den by Colin Fuze
A upsized replica of the Rogue One AT-AT toy

The interior is equally impressive, boasting ample headroom (even for grown men!), gun racks, shelving and storage space for tons of Star Wars figurines and collectibles. More impressively is the ‘cockpit’ which is outfitted with a swiveling chair, a game console, and a couple of switches that makes AT-AT’s head turns side-to-side and the gun swivels up and down. The only thing this AT-AT lacks is the ability to actually move and shoot laser.

I imagine this massive AT-AT should be porn to any Star Wars nerds and with this thing in your backyard, who would even give a damn about treehouses.

Images: screengrab from YouTube video.