Allen Pan Built Colin Furze A Super Cool Deployable Swing Set

Remember Allen Pan? Yeah, that dude who made magnetic Mjolnir and one of the contenders of the new Mythbusters. In his Secret Santa project organized by Kids Invent Stuff, he had created a super cool, deployable swing set.

Colin Furze x eBay Star Wars Landspeeder Is Done And Its Now Jet Powered

Usually we don’t do an update to a two-parter build video, but man, this replica of the Star Wars X34 Landspeeder looks so good, it will be crime not to remind you that it is finally completed. Also, it is now jet powered. Hell, yeah!

Colin Furze Teamed Up With eBay To Recreate The Iconic Star Wars Landspeeder

Colin Furze. The man who made things, AKA the British mad inventor, has once again teamed up with eBay to create their third Star Wars project in anticipation of theatrical release of Star Wars: Rise of the Skywalker.

Chainsaw Desk Lamp Is Just About The Coolest Thing To Happen To A Lamp

”Do you wake up, worrying about your lamp that it does not have enough testosterone and doesn’t represent you as a man?” Those were the words from our favorite madcap British garage inventor, plumber-turn-YouTube celebrity Colin Furze. So, what did he do about the lack of manliness in a lamp? Well, he fuses a chainsaw […]

Colin Furze Turns Junior’s Skatescooter Into A Jet Powered Ride

There are micro scooter, AKA skatescooter, and then there is this “Jet Powered” micro scooter whipped up by plumber-turn-mad garage inventor Colin Furze. The Jet Powered Micro Scooter is sure to put a smile on the face of any kid who is brave enough to step onboard and it certainly put a smile on Furze’s […]

Alexa Became Awesome When It Can Help You Trigger A Fire Blaster

I am sure we are all familiar of Amazon voice-activated assistant Alexa. It (or she???) is everywhere to help you to do a myriad of things, ranging from turning the faucet on/off to starting/stopping a car to bolting down the front door – in addition to more mundane stuff like reading news, checking the weather […]

Furze & Burton Built A Full-Size Kylo TIE Fighter And A Rolling BB-9E Droid

First, it was the AT-AT from Rogue One: A Star Wars Story and now, a Kylo Ren’s TIE Fighter – life-size, no less. Yes. We are talking about our favorite garage inventor, madcap Colin Furze and yes, he built a crazy awesome full-size TIE Fighter which a person (or a few kids) can enter. It […]

Fireplace-In-A-Briefcase Is Portable And It Is As Brilliant As It Is Insane

Feeling the chill of the winter already? No, you can’t be serious, right? But in case you are serious, well then, don’t let the cold from stopping you from going places because, our favorite madcap garage inventor, Colin Furze, may just have the solution you have been seeking: The Briefcase Fireplace. Yup. That sounds just […]

Madcap Inventor Colin Furze Has A New Show On YouTube Red!

The Internet’s favorite British madcap inventor, Colin Furze, has teamed up with YouTube Red to create a new series called Furze World Wonders!, featuring, obviously, the mad garage inventor himself, Colin Furze. All this while, Furze has been building for the Internet, for himself and sometimes, for his sponsors, but with the Furze World Wonders!, […]

Madcap Inventor Show You How To Make A Jacuzzi On Wheels… With BBQ

Our favorite mad garage inventor, British plumber-turned-YouTube-inventing-celebrity, Colin Furze, is back and this time, he have received a special request from Google. The search giant wanted the madcap inventor to create something which could be used to advertise the Mountain View tech company’s search. In other words, the creation should be usable as a vehicle […]