Usually we don’t do an update to a two-parter build video, but man, this replica of the Star Wars X34 Landspeeder looks so good, it will be crime not to remind you that it is finally completed. Also, it is now jet powered. Hell, yeah!

Jet Powered Star Wars Landspeeder

Built by British garage inventor Colin Furze in collaboration with eBay, which the many of the materials were sourced from, the X34 Landspeeder is finally completed and gotten its appropriate paint job.

In addition to the upgraded electric motor, Colin has thrown in a couple of jet engines because, he can.

Jet Powered Star Wars Landspeeder
A little “industrial light and magic” at work to make it appear that it is “hovering”.

Unfortunately, like the ride-on toy version, it has got wheels which the “actual” Landspeeder does not have. However, Furze did pulled an “industrial light and magic” using mirrors to make it appear that it was actually hovering. LoL. Nice try. Hovering or not, it looks absolutely awesome nonetheless.

Continue reading to watch the jet-powered Star Wars X34 Landspeeder in action.

Images: YouTube (colinfurze).

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