So, you think the 360HP Classic MINI is bonkers for a compact hatch? Well, you probably have seen nothing yet. Meet the MINI Quattro Monster. It’s built-for-hill-climb 870 HP/1,014 Nm (747 lb-ft) 2.5L inline 5 turbocharged engine will most certainly leave any MINI known to man in the dust.

Granted, this “MINI” is not actually a MINI. Everything on it is custom made – including the fiberglass body which was built by Z-Cars.

The powertrain is no stock Audi engine either. The 2.5L motor, which is matched to a Precision 64/68 turbocharger, features JD pistons, H-rods, forged crankshaft, 1,600cc injectors and a dry-sump system.

MINI Quattro Monster Hillclimb Race Car

It further features Lexan windows, a tube chassis, custom independent suspension built by Mobek Racing using Bilstein shocks, a 6-speed sequential gearbox, Tilton 2-disc clutch, billet flywheel, a custom AWD system, GKN custom driveshafts, modified Haldex center differential, and AP Racing 4-pot calipers with 310 mm rotors (front) and Audi S3 with EBC Turbogroove rotor (back).

According to HillClimb Monsters, the car was originally built by Brede Alnes for the Norwegian Gatebil Series, though is not clear when was that. In any case, back then, Alnes had a 1.8L inline 4 turbocharged engine under the hood. It really became a true monster at the current owner, Chris Slade, hands.

You can watch the Monster tearing up the roads in the video below.

Images and source: YouTube (HillClimb Monsters).

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  1. I’ve sat shotgun next to Chris at Llandow, and it pulls silly G even at a short circuit…

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