1998 MINI Paul Smith Edition Gets MINI Recharged For 2022

Paul Smith is no stranger to lending his touches to automobiles and he is certainly no stranger to MINI. Last seen last summer with the Paul Smith x MINI Strip Car, the name behind one of the U.K. iconic brands is back to inject his style into yet another MINI.

MINI Cooper S Countryman ALL4 in the Untamed Edition

It looks like MINI is going all the way to please consumers. If a special edition electric MINI, a motorsports legend special edition MINI Cooper, or a special edition JCW Clubman isn’t your cuppa, then perhaps, the latest MINI Cooper S Countryman ALL4 in the Untamed Editon may be of interest to you.

Pat Moss Edition MINI Celebrates Women In Motorsports On International Women’s Day

I don’t believe legendary female race car driver Patricia An “Pat” Moss was officially affiliated with British Motor Corporation when she made history at the Tulip Rally in May 1962. But it does not matter because it was a day to remember and still is today.

MINI Cooper SE EV in the Resolute Edition Wants To Be The New Classic Mini

The ability to convert a classic Mini into an EV is a nice touch but let us be honest, the classic Mini is not exactly the roomiest. This is where the all-electric MINI Cooper SE comes in. But not just any old MINI Cooper SE, the MINI Cooper SE the Resolute Edition.

Playmobil 70921 Mini Cooper: Finally, A Classic Gets Its Long-awaited Toy Treatment

The original Mini Cooper may be from the same era as the Volkswagen Beetle and the Volkswagen Bus. However, it seems like the VW bus, and to some extent, the VW Beetles, have gotten the love of modern folks as toy cars and even as a cooler.

MINI Recharged Gives Classic Mini A New Lease Of Life In A Sustainable Way

A true MINI enthusiast would appreciate the classic Mini for what it is even it is clearly underpowered by today’s standards. However, if you a MINI enthusiast desires more power and are open to new energy, the MINI Recharged is here to help.

Festive MINI Electric Wrapped In 2000 Smart LED Lights Is Quite A Sight To Behold

Coronavirus kills the holiday spirit and it continues to do so today. And with the threat of the even more Omicron variant, life ain’t’ going to be any easier than it was before. But COVID-19 isn’t going to stop this super bright Festive MINI Electric from going places.

MINI x Paul Smith MINI STRIP Is A Minimal, Industrial, And Sustainable

Paul Smith is no stranger to lending his design touches to automobiles. Previously, there was the eye-catching Land Rover Defender and the equally, if not more, eye-catching 65’ Porsche 911, and now, a MINI has joined the designer’s auto design portfolio.