Think MINI and it conjures up an image of a cute compact hatch that is not quite family-friendly like an SUV, or a regular sedan is. However, that is set to change with the future MINI all-electric model family, well, at least one of the models is anyways.

MINI All-electric Model Family Previewed
The rear end does have the MINI Countryman/Clubman vibe.

Recently, MINI presented the first four design elements of the upcoming model family based on its “Charismatic Simplicity” design language. Two models dressed in camo were presented and one model immediately caught our eyes because it that does not share the familiar MINI silhouette.

In fact, it appears to be an entirely different class with a compact/mid-sized SUV line. I am not talking about the fake SUV like the Countryman. It is more along the line of the MINI Aceman Concept but clearly larger. Even in its camo, you can tell this model is a major departure from the MINI usual design language.

MINI All-electric Model Family Previewed
Side-by-side: You can tell the size difference.

The other car was a regular MINI which also has a fresh line but it does not stray far from the usual MINI silhouette with the iconic round headlamps. It is just different enough to appear fresh. But to be fair. It is in camo and so, we can’t make out every detail.

Anyhoo, the SUV variant appears to have angular shape headlamps, and overall, the vehicle is on the boxy side which gives it the Land Rover vibe. And yes, it is actually significantly taller, possibly around 1.5-1.6 meters (4.9-5.2 feet).

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Anyways with the preview, MINI offers a sneak peek of the new round OLED display, the modern steering wheel, as well as the seats and wheels of the new model family.

MINI All-electric Model Family Previewed

There are a lot of marketing talks on those four elements that we shall not regurgitate. If you are interested, you can take it all in HERE.

MINI All-electric Model Family Previewed
MINI All-electric Model Family Previewed

Images: BMW Group.

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