1998 MINI Paul Smith Edition Gets MINI Recharged For 2022

Paul Smith is no stranger to lending his touches to automobiles and he is certainly no stranger to MINI. Last seen last summer with the Paul Smith x MINI Strip Car, the name behind one of the U.K. iconic brands is back to inject his style into yet another MINI.

Toyota GR Corolla Morizo Edition Is A 4-door Pocket Rocket With 2 Seats

2-door, 4-seat is not uncommon in automobiles but a car that has 4 doors but only 2 seats? Well, that is a weird arrangement that is kind of unheard of as far as stock factory cars are concerned. Notwithstanding that it does not make any sense at all, here it is, the car that has …

Volkswagen Celebrates 20 Years Of Golf R With Golf R “20 Years”

The range-topping Volkswagen Golf R has just been topped… by itself. 20 years ago, Volkswagen introduced this hotter than GTi hot hatch, and this year, the German automaker celebrates its 20 years with a special model, the Volkswagen Golf R “20 Years”.

2023 Toyota GR Corolla: 1.6L, 3-Cylinder, 300 HP, And 273 lb-ft Of Torque

The last time when we were so excited about hatchbacks was in the 90s. We thought we never had the chance to go ga-ga over a small capacity hatchback ever again but here we are, looking at this new pocket rocket, the 2023 Toyota GR Corolla.

MINI Cooper S Countryman ALL4 in the Untamed Edition

It looks like MINI is going all the way to please consumers. If a special edition electric MINI, a motorsports legend special edition MINI Cooper, or a special edition JCW Clubman isn’t your cuppa, then perhaps, the latest MINI Cooper S Countryman ALL4 in the Untamed Editon may be of interest to you.

Pat Moss Edition MINI Celebrates Women In Motorsports On International Women’s Day

I don’t believe legendary female race car driver Patricia An “Pat” Moss was officially affiliated with British Motor Corporation when she made history at the Tulip Rally in May 1962. But it does not matter because it was a day to remember and still is today.

PRODUCT(RED) Cars: Buy A Ride And Contributes To Fighting Pandemics

If you haven’t already heard Stellantis Group has joined the (PRODUCT)RED, making it the first multi-brand car partner. The announcement was actually made last year. I know. We are a little late on this but guess what? It’s not all too late because not only you can still buy the initiated announced automobiles, but more …

Volkswagen e-up! Electric Vehicle Is Available To Order Again… In Germany

The electric Volkswagen Up in Europe, known as e-up! E-up! is the predecessor to the ID line of electric vehicles. This little guy was so popular in recent years that it has caused delivery time to be bumped to as far as 16 months.