After offering its first electric vehicle and subsequently, the opportunity to electrify classic MINIs, the British marque has revealed the concept of its first all-electric crossover model, dubbed MINI Concept Aceman. The MINI Concept Aceman is not only the brand’s first all-electric crossover; it is the first MINI crossover model.

MINI Concept Aceman All-electric Crossover

Unfortunately, this is just the first look and it is all about the aesthetic, which is 95% of what the 3,000+ words press release is about. We really did not get much info out of it. Correction. We did not get any info out of it except for the description of the design. No drivetrain, no battery info whatsoever.

If you are down for a long read that, to be honest, kind of keeps repeating itself throughout the passage, you can find the official release HERE. Else, you can join me in waiting for more information to emerge when it is presented publicly for the first time at the world’s largest gaming event, Gamescom 2022 (happening from August 24-29), in Cologne.

Why a gaming event for its global premiere? Well, I am just as clueless as you are. Anyhoo, the event starts on the evening of August 23, 2022, with the grand Gamescom opening show Opening Night Live.

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All images courtesy of BMW Group.

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