Do you know MINI is now joined by a MINI Cooper SE Convertible? Well, if you don’t know, now you know. But before you drop top lovers go ga-ga over the all-electric MINI Cooper SE Convertible, you have to know that it is a one-off not-for-sale MINI.

One-off MINI Cooper SE Convertible EV

The MINI Cooper SE Convertible premiered at the “MINI takes the States” campaign in the U.S.A. Why MINI does that, I have no idea. Perhaps it is a test of the market interest for a drop-top MINI EV?

Anyhoo, this convertible MINI EV shares the same drive components as the three-door MINI Cooper SE EV. This means it is driven forth by a 184 hp electric motor that affords it a century sprint in 7.7 seconds and 230 km (143 miles) of range.

One-off MINI Cooper SE Convertible EV

It is outfitted with a fully electric, quiet textile soft top that can be opened and closed within 18 seconds at a touch of a button, even when driving at up to 30 km/h. And oh, it has a sunroof mode too.

One-off MINI Cooper SE Convertible EV

All images courtesy of BWM Group.

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