Some of you may recall Rolls-Royce and MINI collaborated for a special edition MINI Goodwood several years ago. Well. This is not it. This was a car that made the news back in 2014 with little to no information. But today, we learn something…

One-of-a-kind MINI Rolls-Royce in Hong Kong
Credit: Reddit (u/green_muppet).

Apparently, this car is one-of-a-kind, modified by the Rolls-Royce factory exclusively for this particular owner in Hong Kong. As you can see, this custom MINI Rolls-Royce is rocking the luxury British marque’s trademark grilled, albeit a little more curved, and a custom hood to match the newfound fascia.

The Rolls-Royce look is surprisingly matching with the oval MINI headlights and fenders. In case anyone is wondering, yes, it has a functional stowaway Spirit of Ecstasy on the grill too.

The front end is not the only area with the Rolls-Royce treatment. It is complete with center wheel caps featuring both marques’ branding. The wheel caps are free-spinning meaning that they will always stay level even as the car is rolling, just like Rolls-Royce rides. Apparently, the interior is luxed up too. Very snazzy.

If Rolls-Royce and MINI ever going to collab on a mini Rolls-Royce, this should be the way. Or maybe a MINI but not so MINI limousine?

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Interestingly, this was not the first MINI Rolls-Royce face swap. Apparently, Brian Luff, a former chief engineer at Lotus in the 60s, had in the 1970s created a MINI with a Rolls-Royce grill but was met with objection by the British luxury car maker. 

Featured image: Facebook (@KiraraStanleyPhotography)*.

Additional images via Douyin (@成都宝悦MINI宇先生/@轩轩)/Reddit (u/green_muppet)

* It is worth noting that while the main photo was credited to Kirara Stanley Photography, we can’t find the original photo on its Facebook page. I am guessing it was removed or it was shared elsewhere which we did not manage to find.

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