Need a stand-out ride and money is not an object? Well then, how about getting yourself a Jet Powered Volkswagen Beetle? Yes. You heard that right. A jet powered VW Beetle.

Jet Powered Volkswagen Beetle Craigslist

As surreal as it may sound, it is real and it can be had if you reside in Stateside, and have US$550,000 to spare. That’s what Ron Patrick, Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering from Stanford, is asking for his creation.

You may have seen the car somewhere online 10 years ago. Now that Patrick had enough of playing mad scientist and flaming-spewing fun, he decided it is time to part with this street-legal Jet Powered VW Beetle.

Jet Powered Volkswagen Beetle Craigslist

It is powered by two power plants: a run-of-the-mill gasoline engine and, of course, an aviation-fueled jet engine which, in this case, a General Electric Model T58-8F. T58 is, btw, developed for helicopter use and it is rated at a cool 1,350 horses (1,010 kW). So, if you ever dream of owning a 1,000 HP car, the opportunity has just arrived… on Craigslist.

The car is rigged in such a way that you can go around cruising on the petrol unit that drives the front wheels, and when you feel the need for speed, you can fire up the jet and get on the burner for some possibly insane speed and a spectacular light show.

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Speaking of which… it is not known how fast it could go. Patrick didn’t want to find out because, in the man’s own words, he built the car “in order to thrill” him, not to have him killed.

If anyone’s curious enough to learn more, you can learn more from the Patrick’s listing on Craigslist’s listing, or on Ron’s website.

Jet Powered Volkswagen Beetle Craigslist

Images: Ron Patrick.

Hat tip: Luxury Launches.

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