What you see here is a private jet in development called Celera 500L from U.S. aerospace company, Otto Aviation. Are you thinking what I am thinking? Like, don’t this weird-looking, almost a blimp-like fuselage, defies the principles of aerodynamics? Apparently, it doesn’t.

Otto Aviation Celera 500L Private Jet

Not only Otto Aviation Celera 500L does not. It will slice through the air efficiently – thanks to the extensive use of laminar shapes, and it will be as affordable as flying commercial, or so we heard.

According to the company’s website, Celera 500L has a fuel economy of 18-25 mpg (7.7-10.6 km/l) as opposed to regular private jets’ 2-3 mpg (0.9-1.3 km/l) and it takes just US$328 per hour to operate it. In contrast, a typical private jet costs US$2,100 per hour in operating costs. And yet, it is nearly as fast as a small commercial jet, capable of a max cruise speed of over 460 mph (740 km/h or 400 knots).

Otto Aviation Celera 500L Private Jet

While it may have significantly less range than, say, a large jet like the Boeing 777X, its 4,500 nautical mile (8,334 km or 5,179 miles) range is very impressive by most jets’ standards. As far as payload goes, Celera 500L will be able to accommodate up to 6 grown person in its generously height cabin of 6’2” (187 cm) and 6 first-class equivalent seats (that come in a customizable configuration, to boot). Thanks to the strange form, Otto Aviation Celera 500L is voluminous – at 448 square feet (42 square meter).

Otto Aviation Celera 500L Private Jet

Basically, this upcoming contender is best of many worlds, like having the price of a light jet, speed of that of a light jet, cabin volume and capacity of a midsize jet, and range of a large cabin aircraft – all while bearing the takeoff performance of a midsize jet.

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It is indeed a pretty exciting development and one to look forward to. However, do not rush to put down your money because, Otto Aviation Celera 500L won’t materialized until at least 2025.

Meanwhile, you can learn more over at Otto Aviation website, or read in-depth in this article posted by Popular Science.

Otto Aviation Celera 500L Private Jet

Images: Otto Aviation.

Hat tip: Luxury Launches.

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