Romania’s Omnidirectional Drone Looks Like A UFO And Flies Like One Too

The concept of utilizing the wing structure as the entire aircraft isn’t new. The Northrop Grumman B-2 Stealth Bomber is perhaps one of the most recognizable example and the BAE MAGMA UAV is the latest to do so. However, one that takes has on an axial symmetrical shape that has an uncanny resemblance to the […]

Flying-V Passenger Jet Is Basically A Giant Flying Wing

An aerospace engineering team over at Delft University of Technology (TU Delft) seems to think that passenger jet needs a radically different design. The team has came up with a somewhat odd-looking aircraft called Flying-V which, you may have already have guessed, is literally named after the aircraft’s shape. It is bold design that envisioned […]

BAE Systems MAGMA UAV Maneuvers By Puffing Air Instead Of Using Flaps

How aircraft takes off, flies and land hasn’t change a lot since its invention. They uses a combination of ailerons, elevators and rudders (otherwise known as control surfaces) to do so. Even rotary wing aircraft uses the same principle, except that in helicopters, it is maneuvered by manipulating the main and tail rotors via cyclic […]

This Aircraft Is Longer Than A Football Field And Yet, It Flies

You know how some sci-fi, fantasy manga always had incredible size machines like aircraft. Well, the Stratolaunch aircraft you see here is not straight out of any manga, though. It could very be because, it is undoubtedly a mind-boggling aircraft of gigantic proportion. In fact, it is the world’s largest plane and the biggest aircraft […]

Someone Is Selling An Original Concorde Turbojet Engine With Afterburner On Ebay

Want to be the envy of fellow aviation nuts? Well then, may we suggest that you grab the original Rolls-Royce Olympus Turbojet engine (593-610) that was once fitted on the supersonic passenger airliner, Concorde, currently put up on sale on eBay. Yes. You read that right. A Concorde Turbojet engine is up for up grab. […]

Israel’s First Moon Landing Mission Ends In A Crash

It was to be another space-related history made in a space (pun not intended) of two days. Prior to the simultaneous, worldwide revealing of the first ever image of a black hole, Israel’s moon lander was preparing for a historic touchdown on the moon with its $90 million Beresheet spacecraft. Beresheet which means genesis or […]

With Aireon System, Air Traffic Controllers Will Know Where Planes Are Anywhere In The World

If you don’t already know, all passenger airliners in the air are tracked and until now, air traffic controllers rely solely ground-based surveillance to do so. But being ground-based, it is obviously not going to cover every inch of the airspace. In fact, we learned that ground-based radars only covers 30 percent of the globe. […]

Airbus Trials World’s First Shore-to-Ship Deliveries In Singapore

Here’s another world’s first happening in tiny island state of Singapore. Airbus’ Skyways Parcel Delivery Drone has begun trial of shore-to-ship delivery in Singapore. Obviously, cargo delivery isn’t new, but as far as shore-to-ship delivery, this is the first. With this trial, it marks the first time drone technology has been deployed in real port […]

This Is XQ-58A Valkyrie UAV, The ‘Loyal Wingman’ To Fighter Jets

You know how some sci-fi and/or apocalyptic movies sometimes depicted unmanned fighter jets going out to take on the enemies? Well, that, my friends, is about to come true. And mind you, we are not talking about the current drones which are mostly use for reconnaissance and maybe drop a guided missile or two. We […]

Boeing Partners Supersonic Jet Company For Next-gen Supersonic Private Jet

Remember Aerion Supersonic’s bold ambitious to create a the first supersonic private jet? Well, the Nevada-based aerospace company has announced a partnership with American aircraft maker, Boeing, to advance its cause. Oh, wait. Actually, it was Boeing whom made the announcement. As part of the agreement, Boeing will provide financial, engineering and industrial resources to […]