If you did not already noticed, except for a handful, almost all so-called urban air mobility is based on quadcopter or multicopter VTOL which are essentially person-size drones. But recently we stumbled upon a company that took an entirely differently direction; an urban air mobility that is based on today’s real world aircraft: a coaxial helicopter. While this eCopter from Austria-based FlyNow Aviation is not the first personal coaxial electric helicopter, it is one that is entirely unmanned and seats up to two.

FlyNow eCopter Coaxial Electric Urban Air Mobility

The FlyNow Aviation eCopter is an innovative electric Vertical Take-Off and Landing (eVTOL) aircraft that’s set to transform urban air mobility. This eCopter is designed as an electric helicopter with two counter-rotating propellers and aims for a simpler classification and certification process with the European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) compared to drone-like air taxis.

FlyNow Aviation’s eCopter features a coaxial electric transmission, a more economical and efficient design, and enhanced performance and safety features, including an autonomous pilot system and advanced collision avoidance technology. The eCopter is also noted for its reduced noise levels, high energy efficiency, and low production costs.

The aircraft has a promising flight range of up to 50 kilometers (31 miles) on a single battery charge and a maximum cruising speed of 130 kilometers per hour (81 mph). With a capacity for one passenger plus luggage, it’s designed for automatic flying without a pilot, targeting to offer an affordable, efficient, and sustainable alternative for city transportation. FlyNow Aviation plans to begin commercial production of the eCopter in 2026, initially with a cargo model, followed by one- and two-seat passenger versions.

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FlyNow eCopter Coaxial Electric Urban Air Mobility

FlyNow Aviation’s approach is to make technically established flying machines smaller and simpler, aiming for an environmentally friendly, quieter, safer, and cheaper solution than current options in the urban air mobility market. The company is committed to clean production, using renewable electricity for assembly and aiming to be green “from cradle to grave.” They’re also engaging with potential investors, banking on their innovative concepts to demonstrate their competitiveness in the market.

It is indeed an exciting development in the urban air mobility and personal air transportation. It is nice to know that not all companies are “following the wind” and are willing to think outside the box. It’s ironic that going back to traditional, proven tech and building on it is thinking out of the box and not supposedly the newer multicopter VTOL.

Anyhoo for more detailed information, please visit the official websites of BNN Breaking News and eVTOL News. You may also want to check FlyNow Aviation for more official details.

FlyNow eCopter Coaxial Electric Urban Air Mobility

Images: FlyNow Aviation.

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