Hirobo HX-1 Personal Electric Helicopter

Hirobo HX-1 Personal Electric Helicopter
Hirobo HX-1 Personal Electric Helicopter | ¥10 million | www.hirobo.co.jp

pulling your hairs over the ever frustrating traffic condition? well, that might be a thing of the past if the Hirobo HX-1 Personal Electric Helicopter becomes a reality, commercially. Hirobo, a company best known for its radio controlled helicopters, is not the usual firm that you expect to develop a full-scale man-piloted machine but here it is, the HX-1 that looks more like a vehicle of choice for Bond than a personal transportation and an emergency relief vehicle it was designed for. this coaxial one-seater vertical takeoff flying machine is capable of achieving 97 km/h (60 mph or around 52 knots) for a duration of up to 30 minutes. it is fitted with an electric motor which means it will be pretty quiet, except for the two pairs of rotors whizzing away top side while you merrily transport yourself from point A and point B without having to see red, well, that’s until everyone starting zipping across the sky with one of this. we love and embrace the idea of personal flying transport but having rotors whizzing above our head is not quite what we have envisioned but for real-life, practicality sake, we guess this coaxial system might just have to do. whatever it is, it is still a long way to fruition for this sleek ride of the future as the Japanese firm has pegged for a commercial rollout in 2021 for a princely sum of 30 million yen or about US$365,000, based on the rate with are seeing today.

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