Wahoo Balance Smartphone Scale

Wahoo Balance Smartphone Scale
if you haven’t join the all-things-Bluetooth or the ‘iHealth’ fray, then the Wahoo Balance Smartphone Scale could be a good place to start with. like all good, dutiful wireless-enabled bathroom scale, the Balance Smartphone Scale tracks your weight and BMI over time and sends weighting result to your iPhone or iPad instantly (via an App, naturally). instead of being WiFi-connected (like some scales do), this Wahoo model uses Bluetooth technology to wireless transmit the data from the weighing scale to a soon-to-be-available Wahoo Wellness app or any of your favorite health and fitness app where you can set the users, goals and track your weight change. key features that differentiate this sleek scale from its competition include setting profiles and weight goals for up to 16 different users, one-step activation and built-in memory stores up to 130 weigh-ins so that you can weigh yourself without your iDevice and sync them up at a later time. the Wahoo Balance Smartphone Scale is available for pre-order now with a price tag of $99.99 with shipment expected to be on the first week of December (on the 4th, to be exact).

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