Ti2 Sentinel Titanium Cache

Ti2 Sentinel Titanium Cache
Ti2 Sentinel Titanium Cache | from US$30.00 | www.ti2pen.com

funny that we never actually noticed but we have a quite a bunch of tiny objects that we stashed in our bags that seem almost bottomless when we tried to dig for them. of course, there are better solutions than dumping everything into one huge bag such as having individual pouches or containers to hold them. however, if you want to keep your wee items away from the elements and do it with absolute style, then the Ti2 Sentinel is the ideal candidate. crafted from grade 2 titanium that has similar strength as steel but half of the weight, the Ti2 features water tight o-ring seal system to keep water out and has an industry-first three piece design with removable top and bottom portions, thus offering ease of pushing through objects that happen to be lodged within. other desirable features include a fluted ergonomic grip, corrosion resistant, a generously-sized ring slot that allows it to attached to wide variety of rings, clips, carabiner, lanyards et cetera and an unmistakably beautiful, manly-rugged look. the Ti2 comes in 8 variations with 3 diameters to suit different needs. available in matte patina finish and PVD coated (a further choice of brown, black or dark grey) and can be yours if you make a pledge of $30 or more over at its Kickstarter page. scroll down for a pledge video.

Kickstarter via Cool Material

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