Piccolo LED Task Light

Piccolo LED Task Light
Piccolo LED Task Light | from US$135.00 | www.manifoldlighting.com

there are a growing number of gadgets that are USB-powered, so why not a lamp? well, the Piccolo LED Task Light is just the answer to that question. it is a task light that uses USB bus power to power its linear array LED and can be powered either by your computer’s USB port or if you prefer, use any of your spare USB wall charger to give a little more lumens. according to its maker, power draw from a standard USB 2.0 port gives it 2.25W while a wall charger offers 3.25W. crafted from Apple product-matching anodized aluminum with a choice of base, including etched glass, Carrara marble base and black anodized, the Piccolo LED has a tiny footprint and a sleek, slim tube form that measures barely 1/2″ in diameter and features a dimmer switch plus a clever cord organizer at its base for winding up the excess cord, keeping your desk top neat and tidy. we can only sum up this light in one word: stylish. so, if this compact LED task light tickles your fancy, you might want to put in a pledge of $135 or more through their Kickstarter page to secure one for yourself. though, unfortunately, Piccolo LED Task Light is only available to resident in North America due to regulatory issues but if the response for this product is overwhelming (i.e. exceeds its funding goal of $40k by a significant amount), its maker might consider going through the hassle to get this to everyone. might. anyway, check out a pledge video below.

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