Mark Zuckerberg’s Concern For His Wife Resulted In This Sleep Gadget

A concept originally developed by Facebook’s prominent face, Mark Zuckerberg, is seeing commercial fruition. The gadget, aptly called Zucklight, is a sleep box that addresses lost of sleep arising from the anxiety of checking time to see if its time wake up. You know, those times when you were roused from your sleep only to […]

Infinity Gauntlet Found Itself Another Use, Now As A 3D Wall Lamp

Avengers: Endgame is closing in fast and you know what it means, it means it time to get all crazy over Marvel merchandises, particularly those related to Avengers (like, duh? Obviously). And you can start with this: Infinity Gauntlet 3D Wall Light from 3DLightFX. It won’t be available until May, but you can secure a […]

That’s Not A Bong, It Is Sony’s New Candlelight Lamp Bluetooth Speaker

What looks suspiciously like a Bong is actually Sony’s new LSPX-S2 Glass Sound Speaker. The LSPX-S2 is the second Glass Sound Speaker following the LSPX-S1 introduced a couple of years ago, but this time, it is less silly looking – thanks to a little more curves. LSPX-S2 was announced on the 8th, but strangely, it […]

Fallout 76 Vault Boy LED Lamp Glows Green, Set The Mood For The Game

Fallout 76, like any other Fallout video game, will be one that is bleak and somber because, post-apocalypse. Hence, if you really want to get the mood set for the game’s November release, you should not pass on this: Official Fallout 76 Vault Boy LED Lamp. Why? Because, it is the Vault Boy, duh, and […]

Toppled Dominoes Complete The Circuit To Enable This Lamp To Light Up

Switching on the light is an action no one will give a second thought, let alone fun. There’s hardly any interaction other than pressing a button or, in some instances, barking a command to tell Alexa to do so on your behalf. But not with Domino Switching Lamp by Glithero. This unique lamp makes the […]

Thanos’ Infinity Gauntlet Is Also Good As A Mood Lamp. Like, Who Knew?

Calling out to superheroes and villains wannabe. There is a new power glove in town that looks suspiciously like Thanos’ treasure space stones-holding Infinity Gauntlet. Oh wait because it is! Yeah. It is yet another movie merchandise based on the infamous Infinity Gauntlet and this time, this glove that pretty much drove Thanos to travel […]

With Levitating Moon Lamp, You Can Literally Own A Moon

The idea of lamp in the likeness of the Moon is not new, but somehow, these guys from Hong Kong, COOcepts, have alleviated the concept quite literally. Their product, called Wireless Charging Levitating Moon Light, not only has the likeness of the Moon, but it levitates too – just like a Moon should. That by […]

This Lion Lamp Is Imposing, But We Can’t Say The Same For The Brightness

Can owning a lion as a pet or whatever light up your life? Yes, but only as flashes of your life passes before your eyes as this the beast turned on you. The truth is, it is a predator. It will see you as a meal, or a piece of meaty steak that walks and […]

Chainsaw Desk Lamp Is Just About The Coolest Thing To Happen To A Lamp

”Do you wake up, worrying about your lamp that it does not have enough testosterone and doesn’t represent you as a man?” Those were the words from our favorite madcap British garage inventor, plumber-turn-YouTube celebrity Colin Furze. So, what did he do about the lack of manliness in a lamp? Well, he fuses a chainsaw […]

Click Light Is A Light Made Of Real Rope, Wants You To Interact With It

Now, here’s a decorative light that makes switching it on/off ‘fun’. This particular interactive light, called Click Light, is the brainchild of Israel-based product design studio Studio Knob and it was designed in line with the company’s vision of redefining the light switch. I am new to this company, but already, I am drawn to […]