Ever since Crocs reinvented itself by giving the hideous footwear a new look with charms and accessories, it has opened up to a whole new world of bizarre and dare I say, fun. In addition to having the usual cutesy charms, someone has given Crocs’ nuts and snow-plowing capability, and recently, we just learned that headlights are a thing too. You heard that right. Crocs headlights.

Headlights for Crocs Lights Up Your Way

And it isn’t just one or two products. There is a variety of them floating on the Internet. There are so many “brands” and “sellers” with names that could only be from alien worlds. Anyhoo, so yeah, with headlights for your Crocs, there’s no worrying about stepping on the unknown even when there are no streetlights. Now, all we need is for someone to come up with a set of tail lights to complete the setup. Wait. Some of the Crocs lights are good as taillights too.

The design of the lights is varied. There are compact ones with CNC enclosures. There are the action camera size ones and there are the twin headlights ones (yes, twin). Depending on the brands, makes, and models, some of them even have different light modes, with some models having the ability to adjust the angles too. Most, if not all, are waterproof with some touting IP ratings too.

Headlights for Crocs Lights Up Your Way

Some headlights use disposal batteries while some are rechargeable. Basically, if you are in the market for a pair of headlights for your kicks – not just Crocs – the world’s your oyster. You’d be spoilt for choice. I am not even exaggerating.

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And the price varies too, ranging from just 9 bucks to around 15 dollars per set.

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Headlights for Crocs Lights Up Your Way
Headlights for Crocs Lights Up Your Way

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