That’s Right, Folks. Headlights For Crocs Are A Thing Now

Ever since Crocs reinvented itself by giving the hideous footwear a new look with charms and accessories, it has opened up to a whole new world of bizarre and dare I say, fun. In addition to having the usual cutesy charms, someone has given Crocs’ nuts and snow-plowing capability, and recently, we just learned that …

Custom Superhero Toilet: Let Superheroes Watch Over You While You Take A Dump

Dropping the kids at the pool is when you are getting actual me-time, and so, I am not sure if I will appreciate another person – whether or not the person is a statue or not – in the same space if I am doing the deed. However, it appears that there are folks out …

Nissin Fun: Cup Noodles Bedding Set, Mops, Pom Pom, Socks, And More

Before we go on, we just want to be clear that we do not know if these are real Nissin Foods’ actual merchandise. I mean they are stuff posted by the cup noodle maker themselves on Twitter but we cannot be sure if they are something money can buy (probably not).

Someone Turned A Honda CBR Into A Split Wheel Motorcycle

Remember The Q’s custom bike with a split rear wheel? Well, someone did the same with a motorcycle. I know right. It sounds almost too crazy and it is but the folks over at YouTube channel Bikes and Beards did it. With the belief that anything a bicycle can do, it can be done with …

In China Auto Show, There Was A Topless Male Model Posing Next To Ora Lightning Cat EV

One of the staples at auto shows, especially those in countries like China and Japan, are the beautiful ladies alongside the cars. The logic was simple: attract men who were perceived to be the bulk of the consumers. Beautiful models also draw lenses and the photos shared will generate buzz for automakers.

In Japan, Pet Fish Plays Nintendo Switch And Somehow Managed To Shop Online

I assure you that this is not clickbait. When I first read this news, I was skeptical too. Like, how the hell a pet fish plays Nintendo Switch right? Well, as it turns out, I was living under a rock the whole time. Not only a pet fish CAN play video games but it somehow …

Mutalk: Another Bane-like Mask That Will Keep Your Conversation Private

How did we miss this at last year’s CES? I am talking about Mutalk, a so-called Metaverse soundproof Bluetooth microphone. While we did not feature this last year when it was showcased at CES 2022, it does look awfully familiar because Bloxvox has been doing it since 2018, albeit less elegantly.