KFC Spain Launches Eau D’uardo Limited Edition Fragrance Inspired By Its Original Recipe

KFC loves having you smell like fried chicken without even stepping into a KFC restaurant with a bath bomb, scented candle, and even Firelog. It is at it again, this time it is KFC in Spain with a unisex fragrance that will remind you of the original recipe of 11 herbs and spices.

Doritos Launches Software For Gamers To Cancel The Crunching Sound When Eating Doritos While Gaming

Do you ever get annoyed by the sound of gamers munching on Doritos while live-streaming their gameplay? Personally, I can’t stand any eating noises. If you’re like me, there’s good news! Help is here! Well, help is here only if your favorite gaming celebrities start using Doritos’ latest technology.

Heinz Tomato Ketchup Clear Is Not Real But I Think We May Know What It Really Is

You may have seen videos on TikTok of purported Heinz Clear Tomato Ketchup. In this video, the Heinz Ketchup isn’t red; it is transparent making it look more like a sanitizer than anything else. From the video, we can clearly see (pun not intended) that it has a Heinz product label indicating the product is …

Balenciaga Wants You To Wear A Bath Towel As A Skirt

Have you ever walked out of a shower with a towel on your waist? If you do, do you feel like you are wearing a skirt and it could be a fashion trend? Never mind that you did not feel that way because I am pretty sure the designer responsible for the Balenciaga Towel Skirt …

Blue Reflex Helmet Tote By Dingyun Zhang: Well, It Is A Bag, And It Is, Ermmm, Wearable?

If a tote bag is burdening your one shoulder, you can consider switching shoulder, or you could try carrying it as a backpack, or perhaps even wearing it over your head. Oh, your tote bag can’t do that? Well, this one can. Folks, meet the Limited Edition Helmet Tote by Dingyun Zhang.

This Is Fufuly, A Wellness Robot That Breathes And Wants You To Breathe With It

Remember the headless robotic cat that comforts you when you’re heartbroken or feeling down? Well, the company behind that technology, Yukai Engineering, is back with another tech product promising to look after your well-being. This time, it’s not here to heal your broken heart but to ensure you don’t get stressed by targeting your breathing.

Nissin Foods Is Releasing Caffeinated Cup Noodles And Curry Meshi For Gamers In Japan

You have heard of gaming energy drinks but I bet you never heard of gamer noodles. Well, believe it or not, it is a thing now. Cup noodle giant Nissin has revealed a caffeinated version of its famous noodles in Japan for gamers, aptly called Gaming Cup Noodle. In fact, noodle is not alone; there …

Bloody Bath Mat Turns, Well, Red When Wet. Probably Not For The Faint Of Heart

If you are looking to add a little “gruesomeness” to your home this Halloween, perhaps you may want to start with the bathroom with this “magical” bathmat. This ain’t an ordinary bathmat. In fact, I don’t think it qualifies as a bathmat to begin with because it is super thin.

Once Upon A Time, Someone Turned A Volvo V70 Into An Imperial Star Destroyer

Many years ago, someone look at his Volvo V70 and thought, it’d be a good idea to turn it into a tank. It puts smiles on people’s faces and we laughed and dismissed it as someone who took the saying that old Volvos are built like a tank too literally. But what we did not …

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