Jacob & Co. Rasputin Tourbillon: Animated Image Of Two Person Copulating On The Dial Face (NSFW)

The Jacob & Co. Rasputin Tourbillon looked like a regular, luxury watch set with ridiculous numbers of diamonds. But it has a feature that will guarantee to invite giggles or stares of disbelief.

Japanese Man Spent 2 Million Yen To Turn Himself Into A Dog

Most people have desires but I am pretty sure most of us do not have the desire to become something else other than a human. Oh, wait. I just remembered this is a bizarre world where there are folks who have very strong desires to become a cat (R.I.P. Dannie Avner), a lizard, an orc …

Inflatable PVC Plastic Beach Ball Underwear: Definitely Not A Life Preserver

Anything that is inflatable does not make sense as apparel but here we are, witnessing the existence of the Inflatable PVC Plastic Beach Ball Underwear. Look at the date. It’s late March; not April 1st. So, yeah, the Inflatable PVC Plastic Beach Ball Underwear is as real as you and me. Not only it is …

Écrou De Cartier: Threaded Bar And Nuts As Jewelry Because Why Not?

If you think jewelry in the likeness of the majestic panther with Tsavorite garnet is unimaginative or Peacock Brooch crafted with more than 1,300 gemstones is equally meh – even it is worth as much as a private jet, well, we have good news for you: perhaps, industrial look such as what the Écrou De …

Here Are Two Bread-themed Furniture For Folks Who Can’t Get Enough Of Bread

Do you love bread? Do you really, really, really love bread? Well, if you do, you will want to know about two bread-themed pieces of furniture. OK. Technically, the PAMPSHADE is not furniture; PAMPSHADE is lighting, or bread lamps, to be exact.

Man Who Married A Hologram Character, Took Her To A Dinner On Christmas Day

Remember the Japanese dude, Akihiko Kondo, who made headlines in 2018 when he married a hologram character from his Gatebox Virtual Home Robot? Well, you would think he would have confined this matrimony to his home. Nope. This man is proud of his love that won’t be reciprocated.

Louis Vuitton Lock It Earrings Are Inspired By Padlock And Padlock Key

If you haven’t already noticed, there is a disturbing trend of designer labels turning everyday items into luxury jewelry. How is it disturbing, you ask? Well, because it, IMHO, may be a sign of creativity apocalypse. Designers have run out of ideas.

Balenciaga Tool Bracelet In Silver: The Luxury Host Clamp For Your Wrist

What is a metal band, has screw thread pattern cut or pressed, has a captive screw on one end and use to clamp a hose into a fitting? If a hose clamp is your answer, you are half right because it could also be a bracelet. Wait, what? A bracelet that looks like a hose …

The Lickable Device Just Got An Upgrade To Become A Lickable Display

If licking a device to taste what’s on the display sounds gloss to you, then you better look away. Because the Taste The TV, or TTTV, has taken it to the next level. It now serves up the taste directly on the screen so that you lick the taste straight off the picture. Welcome to …

Rod-shaped Vibrating Power Bank May Give Some People The Wrong Idea

I am sure you have seen enough of weird gadgets. If you haven’t, here’s another. What you see here is a power bank/eye massager hybrid called Bigboy. You probably will not find anything odd with this combo without seeing the device. But now that you do, tell me you did not think it is absolutely …