HUNT X6 Rechargeable 3in1 LED Flashlight With Pry-bar: Good For Unboxing Stuff Too!

SeptemStudio has gained a reputation for making very small EDCs. You may remember SeptemStudio for the pinky-size HUNT23 flashlight, and the coin-sized compass. Now, it has introduced yet another super cool flashlight that is exceedingly small but yet not lacking functionality. Folks, meet the HUNT X6 Rechargeable 3in1 LED Flashlight with Pry-bar, the latest EDC …

NITECORE MH12 Pro Is The First Flashlight To Be Outfitted With An LED Designed Specifically For Flashlight

NiteLab, a sister company of NITECORE, has introduced an innovative LED specifically designed for flashlights, known as the Ultra High-Intensity LED or UHi LED. This marks a significant advancement in flashlight technology. Until now, flashlight manufacturers have relied on general-purpose LEDs, which often necessitated larger flashlight heads to achieve optimal performance.

That’s Right, Folks. Headlights For Crocs Are A Thing Now

Ever since Crocs reinvented itself by giving the hideous footwear a new look with charms and accessories, it has opened up to a whole new world of bizarre and dare I say, fun. In addition to having the usual cutesy charms, someone has given Crocs’ nuts and snow-plowing capability, and recently, we just learned that …

IKEA Partnered With Little Sun To Create The SAMMANLÄNKAD Solar-powered LED Lamps

In addition to selling outdoor solar-powered lights, IKEA in the U.S., in partnership with SunPower, has been offering homes in select California locations home solar. And it does not end there. Now, the Swedish flat-pack furniture giant wants to do more than just take advantage of solar power; it wants to spark conversation about the …

This Is PBJ X Pro, It Is The Swiss Knife For Making Peanut Butter And Jelly Sandwich

The age-old debate about what utensil to use and how it should be used when creating a peanut butter and jelly sandwich will never have a resolution. However, there is one tool that will have you covered no matter what is your choice of utensil – unless your choice is the pump.

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