Olight Olamp Nightour Table Lamp

We have seen quite a number of desk lamps and the Olight Olamp Nightour Table Lamp has to be one of the most unique and most creative. It is unlike anything we have seen.

Olight Olamp Nightour Table Lamp

Olight Olamp Nightour Table Lamp features a unique, tilt-able head and stem design, and it has not one but two light sources: the lamp head and the stem.

Inside the perforated stem is a set of white LEDs that offer 8-60 lumens, as well as a set of RGB LEDs that offer colorful ambient lighting with 256-color gradient rotation.

Toggling the switch near the bottom lets you switch between warm white ambient light and three RGB lighting modes (single color, gradient cycle, and psychedelic).

Olight Olamp Nightour Table Lamp

Meanwhile, the lamp head offers adjustable brightness and it can be tilted to suit your need. The lamp head, which is attached to the tilt-able neck magnetically, can be removed to serve as a handy flashlight.

This brings us to another interesting design feature; when the lamp head is removed, the magnetic charging port on the Olamp Nightour can accept other styles of headlamps that use the compatible magnetic connection.

When in flashlight mode, the lamp head can be turned on and off by double-shaking it. Though it does not appear to have adjustable brightness as a flashlight.

Olight Olamp Nightour Table Lamp

Both the lamp head and the stem have their own built-in batteries. The lamp head is juiced by a 100 mAh battery while the stem is powered by a 4,000 mAh battery good for the entire night of illumination.

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Both batteries will be recharged simultaneously when the lamp is connected to a USB power source via a USB-C interface cable. Completing the design is a suction base that allows it to stand firmly on any flat surface.

If anyone’s interested, the Olight Olamp Nightour Table Lamp can be had for US$99.95 from Olightstore.com.

Images: Olight Technology.