despite its obvious lack of energy efficiency, filament-based Edison bulb remains as one of the most alluring lighting device ever. we are not a fan, to be honest, but we thought it look pretty awesome for rustic style interior decors. however, there is no denying that this traditional incandescents have ridiculously short lifespan (there’s exception though, just look at the Centennial Light maintained by Livermore-Pleasanton Fire Department) and they consume electricity like a flowing faucet, which clearly is not going to do any good to your wallet and also not environmentally friendly. but what if you want that the same feel of an Edison bulb, but not the two undesirable trades? well, the LED Edison Light Bulb by Edison Light Globes is the answer.

the LED Edison Light Bulb is the modern day take of the Edison bulb you love that produces a warm light, mimicking the familiar glow of the vintage filament example. contained with the retro-ish clear bulb is a circuit board style chip which produces a brightness equivalent to a standard 35W incandescent bulb and it is said to be dimmable. though, as to what type of dimmer is suited for it, is for you to find out. available in traditional teardrop shape as well as round and designed for E26 fittings, the LED Edison Light Bulb is available from Edison Light Globes web store for 40 bucks a pop. available to suit 120V voltage, as well as 240V voltage.

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