Bentley x Vertu Smartphone

Bentley Motors fans who have the propensity to splurge on everything Bentley-related will be glad to know that very soon, they can add smartphones to their list of all-things-Bentley-to-own. the Crewe-based luxury automobile maker announced earlier today, an exclusive five-year partnership with luxury phone maker Vertu. the stage is set, though there is no further information of the hardware. all Bentley have to say is “the new series of luxury smartphones will be distinguished by the unparalleled design, craftsmanship, contemporary elegance, outstanding performance and integrated technology which are the hallmarks of both companies.” the first Bentley phone by Vertu is expected to be launched in October, after which four others, each embodying “the authentic and iconic Bentley design elements and luxury lifestyle services,” will be introduced.

we are guessing one for each year and half-expecting quilted leather and wood finishes to be part of the design, but those are just speculations on our part. also, we think automobile-specific concierge service such as booking of servicing and stuff to be part of the deal, but we might be wrong. beyond the little information and our own speculations, there is really nothing solid to drool over. all you need to know is that your Bentley life collection is one step closer to completion. we will be on the look out from releases from Bentley and update you of more news.