when it comes to phone cases, there is hardly anything to detail, less it has some ‘magical properties’, and the Marshall Phone Cases here are no exceptions. to layman, the new Marshall Phone Cases, available for both iPhone 5s and Samsung Galaxy S4, is just another case, but for musicians, more specifically guitarists, it represents one of their many loves related to music making while offering their trusty communication/entertainment device the protection from the daily bumps and knocks. the classic look and feel of Marshall amplifiers are exemplified by the use of vinyl wrapping (with texture, no less), which has been used in Marshall amplifiers, and a classic script logo adorns the case for that extra amplifier look.

Marshall Phone Cases - iPhone 5s

like any good phone cases in the market, the Marshall Phone Cases offers access to all buttons and ports, and features a soft-coated finish, offering users a non-slip grip. beyond that, there is really nothing spectacular; it is just a minimalist case that speaks of your love, which obviously, only like minded folks will appreciate. on the flip side, you may find uninitiated strangers addressing you as Marshall, or have them giving you the ‘do you have to put your name on the case’ look. but what do we care? it is sleek and it does the job, and it cost just $20 a pop. available now via Marshall Headphones web store.

Marshall Phone Cases - S4

Marshall Phone Cases - S4

Marshall Phone Cases - S4

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