CASETiFY Announced 2nd Wave Of Pokémon Gadget Accessories

When the first drop of CASETiFY x Pokémon Day and Night Collection when live, it was sold out in 72 hours. That folks, is a solid evidence that Pokémon fever is still raging. If you missed the first drop, fret not because, the second drop of the promised three-part drop series will be available very […]

Woman’s Hand iPhone Case Lends You A Hand In Protecting Your iPhone

When it comes to comforting the lonely soul (particularly men, if we may add) in Japan, the Land of the Rising Sun ranks among the most creative. In addition to the run-of-the-mill sex dolls, the most notable development in addressing loneliness would be the hologram lover. Granted, those two aren’t the most affordable companions and […]

You Don’t Need A Genius To Know Handgun Phone Case Is A Bad Idea

Consider this as a PSA of sort. I mean, seriously, it doesn’t take a genius to know why a smartphone case in the likeness of a handgun is a bad idea. Anyways, the story went that Chicago police are advising people from using mobile phone cases that look like handguns.

CASETiFY Launches Customizable Pokémon-theme Smartphone Cases

Fans of Pokémon may want to take note that CASETiFY, the highly customizable tech accessories company, has announced it is collaborating with The Pokémon Company to release a limited edition collection of tech accessories and custom merchandises featuring, you guess it, iconic Pokémon characters. CASETiFY x Pokémon Day and Night Collection is slated to be […]

Over-The-Air, True Wireless Charging Smartphone Case Is Here… Well, Almost

Wouldn’t it be nice if we never have to worry about charging our phone, or charging anything at all for that matter? Well, you know what? The future is looking pretty bright with regard to this charging matter because, Ossia has teamed up with phone accessory maker Spigen to unveil a true wireless charging smartphone […]

Evo GoCam: A Wireless Camera That Slips Onto The Back Of Your Phone

Selfie drone has kind of made selfie stick a thing of the past. We said ‘kind of’ because, firstly, not everyone can afford a selfie drone and secondly, not every place welcomes the presence of a drone. The solution? Back to the good’ol selfie stick, or tripod, or you could consider this: Evo GoCam. I […]

Mobile Airbag Smartphone Case Will Safe Your Phone From Drops Without The Bulk

Smartphone cases. They are good in protecting our devices, but they are and will never be a pretty sight. Sure, there are super thin cases, but being that thin, they are only good for preventing scratches and not much for serious drops. Getting a bulkier case is the trade off for more protection against disastrous […]

Urban Armor Gear Unveils New Series Of Rugged Cases For Galaxy Note8

Unlike the Andy Rubin’s Essential Phone, Samsung’s newest geared-for-business flagship smartphone, Galaxy Note8, never promised drop protection. That’s one thing I will never understand. I mean, we know very well water and drops are the biggest enemy of a delicate smartphone and yet, so far, manufacturers like Samsung only focus on dealing with dust and […]

An Espresso-making Smartphone Case Got Suspended By Kickstarter And We Wonder Why

Have you heard? There was a Kickstarter project which involves a smartphone case that makes espresso. Yes. The caffeinated beverage that so many love. Out of a smartphone case. Sounds like a pipe dream? Well, it probably is because Kickstarter has since halted the campaign, reportedly, due to the failure on its creators’ part to […]

DUN DUO: A Beautiful, Suitably Minimal Travel Wallet With A Unique Twist

You know how some products immediately appeals to you and you are not quite sure why? Well, I had that tingle when I first laid eyes on DUN DUO Luxury Travel Wallet. It is not the word ‘luxury’ that draws me; it is the entirety. While DUN wallets, founded by designer Sjoerd van Dam, described […]