Samsung Partners Kvadrat For Smartphone Case And Watch Band Made From Upcycled Material

It looks like having different System on Chip on the same phone for different regions is not the odd thing Samsung did. Recently, the South Korea handset maker has announced a partnership with Danish textile brand Kvadrat to create a line of “eco-friendly accessory.” And guess what?

Incipio Organicore Smartphone Cases Are Plant-based And 100% Compostable

Environmentalists clutching an iPhone or Samsung device with a plastic case on is not exactly walking the talk, does it? While a smartphone is indispensable, surely greenies can do without a case, right? Well, for those who can’t, Incipio Organicore Smartphone Cases may hold the answer.

Urban Armor Gear Unveils New Series Of Rugged Cases For Galaxy Note8

Unlike the Andy Rubin’s Essential Phone, Samsung’s newest geared-for-business flagship smartphone, Galaxy Note8, never promised drop protection. That’s one thing I will never understand. I mean, we know very well water and drops are the biggest enemy of a delicate smartphone and yet, so far, manufacturers like Samsung only focus on dealing with dust and […]

You Can Now Dress Up Your Galaxy S6 With These Avengers-themed Cases

I am sure you’ve heard about Samsung’s plan to out an Iron Man-themed Galaxy S6 Edge. Well, fans of the other S6 (and Avengers) won’t be left out, because there are the Official Samsung Marvel Avengers Galaxy S6 Cases to content with and without the need to shell out more money for a brand new […]

Adidas Originals Updates Mobile Device Accessory for iPhone 6, 6 Plus and Galaxy S5

German sporting goods giant Adidas has announced mobile device cases updated for the latest iPhone 6, 6 Plus, and Samsung Galaxy S5. Along with those, it is also rolling out cases for iPad Air, iPad mini, and 13- and 15-inch laptops. Naturally, you can expect the world famous three stripes branding, stitched on the cases, […]

How Do You Like to Scribble on Your Galaxy Note 4 with a Montblanc Pen? Well, Now You Can.

Luxury goods makers have been dishing out gadget accessories for quite a while now, but specific collab between a luxury brand and tech company remains a rare thing until last month when Montblanc and Samsung jointly unveiled a collection of accessories for Galaxy Note 4 at the Unpacked 2014 Episode 2 event. The collection, known […]

Finally, OtterBox Gets A Touch Of Fashion With The Help Of Nina Garcia

when it comes handset protection, OtterBox is not exactly the name to associate with ‘sleek’. their cases are mostly associated with being the ‘workhorse’, trading looks for extreme rugged protection. that’s until the Symmetry series was introduced. it was a huge leap forward for OtterBox who borders the line of being ‘military’ with its rugged […]

InkCase Plus Adds A Second E-Ink Display To Your Android Phone To Conserve Battery

battery life is almost always the top concern when it comes to gadget, especially smartphone. according to study, an average person check his or her phone around 110 times a day (that’s a hell lot checking of phone if you ask me). couple that with the fact that the display consumes up to 50 percent […]

Marshall Wants Your Phone To Look And Feel Like Guitar Amps

when it comes to phone cases, there is hardly anything to detail, less it has some ‘magical properties’, and the Marshall Phone Cases here are no exceptions. to layman, the new Marshall Phone Cases, available for both iPhone 5s and Samsung Galaxy S4, is just another case, but for musicians, more specifically guitarists, it represents […]

iLuv selfy Case Has An Integrated Remote Shutter For Capturing Selfies

selfie fanatics rejoice, for iLuv has the product that’s designed to take your selfie career to the next level. meet iLuv selfy, a protective case for iPhone 5/5s and Galaxy S5 that features a remote shutter integrated to the back of the case. in a non-selfie scenario, the case’s dual-layer, shock absorbent design protects your […]