As a fan of Transformers, one of the things I wished for is an officially licensed Transformers case for smartphones. I don’t believe there were any, well, that’s until now. Caseplay has recently announced its collaboration with Japanese toymaker, Takara Tomy, for a collection of Transformers-themed phone cases. There have been many collaborative phone cases in the market but man, let me tell you this. The Caseplay x Transformers collab is really something else.

Caseplay x Transformers Smartphone Cases

Unlike most collaborations where they have popular phones covered (we are looking at you CASETiFY!), Caseplay has extended popular brands covered too, including FCNT, Huawei, Oppo, Sharp, Sony, and Xiaomi –  in addition to the usual like Apple, Google, and Samsung. Unless you are in China, finding a case for say a Sony Xperia, Oppo Reno7, or Motorola Edge 20 phone is beyond super hard, let alone one that has your favorite franchise and is officially licensed.

If that’s not enough. Caseplay x Transformers Smartphone Case Collection has old to super old models covered too. Imagine dressing up your iPhone SE (2nd Gen), iPhone 6s, Sony Xperia 1, 5, 10, or Samsung Galaxy S9 with a Transformers-themed phone case. That’s right. It even has those models covered. Though, it did not go as far back for some brands like Sharp Aquos, FCNT, and Huawei. In most instances, it is safe to say Caseplay has most made and year covered.

Caseplay x Transformers Smartphone Cases

As far as designs go, there are 10 designs to choose from, featuring graphics of iconic characters, G1 graphics, and faction emblems. I cannot even begin to imagine the permutations (spoiler alert: it has over 90 models). Man, seriously, I cannot get over how comprehensive this collection is. Absolutely bonkers.

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The phone case itself is largely transparent – save for the graphics, of course. Each case is made from two types of materials: the back is made of 100% recycled plastic while the sides are made of elastic TPU material. The case features a raised edge to protect the screen when placed screen down, and the corners boast air pockets for added impact resistance. It is worth noting that not all models have air pocket corners.

Caseplay x Transformers Smartphone Cases

The opening around the camera module is also raised to protect the cameras. But this protection also varies from model to model. If you have used transparent TPU cases, you will know that you’d be prepared for an increase in the thickness of the phone. Just thought I mentioned it.

The new Caseplay x Transformers Smartphone Cases are available now from the Caseplay online store, priced at 4,480 yen each, or about US$40 a pop according to the current going rate.

Caseplay x Transformers Smartphone Cases
Caseplay x Transformers Smartphone Cases

Images: Caseplay [JP].

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