five of the most weird and bizarre iPhone cases ever

five weird and bizarre iphone 4 cases 544x311px
the market is flooded with iPhone cases, thus it is hard to shout individuality when it comes to iPhone case unless your case falls into the weird, wacky or bizarre categories. weird, wacky and bizarre are terms you seldom associate with smartphone cases, let alone iPhone cases but that’s precisely what we are going to do today: we round up five iPhone cases that fall into these categories, and some of them guarantee will make you go ‘wooo…. is that really an iPhone 4 case!?’
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Dokkiri Beetle Case for iPhone 4
Japanese Beetle Case for iPhone 4 544x328px
Dokkiri Beetle Case for iPhone 4 | ¥3,990.00 |

how do you like to have your friends screaming ‘eek! there’s a beetle on your iPhone!’ yes? then this is the case for you. this iPhone 4 case has a tree bark-like textured back complete with a very life-like plastic Dokkiri, a Japanese beetle, stuck to it. pretty nasty, isn’t it? i bet this will be quite a conversational piece, though not without its short coming. for the added authenticity, this case comes without the camera hole. hence, it can be quite a hassle if you frequently need to use your iPhone’s camera and who doesn’t? these eerily realistic cases are made in Japan (and we welcome this fact) and can be pre-ordered via Strapya web store for ¥3,990 (US$49.90). the product will ship from mid-July onwards.


iMeshi Japanese Sushi iPhone 4 cover
iMeshi Japanese Sushi iPhone 4 cover 544x338px
iMeshi Japanese Sushi iPhone 4 cover | ¥3,800.00 |

if the case topped with creepy crawly is a little hard for you to swallow, then perhaps, these sushi decorated iPhone case should be easier to stomach. how does Toro and Ebi or Uni and Ikukra sounds to you? delicious? you bet they are. meet the iMeshi Japanese Sushi iPhone 4 Cover. you will be forgiven to think that those are real sushi, cos’ those samples are crafted by professional sample food maker in Japan, and each one is lovingly handmade and cook to perfection, so to speak. made in Japan, the iMeshi Japanese Sushi iPhone 4 cover are available in three flavors: Toro and Ebi version, the Uni and Ikukra version, and the Chirashi Sushi and Ebi Shrimp version. they are available for pre-ordered via Strapya World web store for ¥3,800 (US$47.50). oh, there’s just one more thing: it do not have a camera hole too, so you know the drill if you need to take pictures with your iPhone.


iMeshi Food Cases for iPhone 4
iMeshi Food Cases for iPhone 4 544x338px
iMeshi Food Cases for iPhone 4 | from ¥3,800.00 |

another slew of delectable iPhone 4 cases from iMeshi. this time, sushi’s out and in comes other delicious Japanese cuisine. like the sushi cases, these iMeshi Food Cases depict your favorite Japanese dishes in vivid realism that they could easily be mistaken for the real thing. the cases come in several flavors that ranges from Unagi (eel) with steamed rice to Hiyashi Chuka (cold noodle) and there’s even a traditional Japanese dessert (Odango) for those with sweet tooth. well, you can’t actually eat them but you get the idea. for the added realism, camera hole is omitted from these newer cases from iMeshi. made in Japan, these cases are handcrafted by professional food sample maker in Japan. prices for these cases start from ¥3,800 (US$47.50).


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Chocolate Cake vs Macaroon iPhone 4 case
Chocolate Cake vs Macaroon iPhone 4 case 544x338px
Chocolate Cake vs Macaroon iPhone 4 case | US$45.00 |

if Asian cuisine is not your cup of tea, how about some western flavor? designed and made by Etsy seller YBFGG, the star of this case would be none other than Macaroon and it’s rival dessert, Chocolate. the case is of plastic while the delicious looking desserts are of light-weight clay and resin clay. take this as the answer to iMeshi’s food cases – Odango, in particular. YBFGG has a range of (fake) dessert decorated iPhone cases for your choosing too. while it may not be as realistic as its Japanese counterpart, but this is as good as this flavor can get for now. the Chocolate Cake vs Macaroon iPhone 4 case featured here cost $45 a pop while the rest starts from $35 each and are available via YBFGG store on Etsy.


Steampunk Case for iPhone 4: The iCog Dione V.1B Boilerplate
The iCog Dione V.1B Boilerplate Steampunk iPhone 4 case 544x408px
The iCog Dione V.1B Boilerplate Steampunk iPhone 4 case | US$95.00 |

steampunk aficionados, listen up. you probably have everything gadgets steampunked – including your PC, laptops and right down to your mouse and heck, you probably have your pet insects steampunked too, but what about your smartphone? until the Rotary Mechanical concept becomes a reality, i guess the next best thing is to dress up your smartphone to look steampunk. for that, VictorianSteampunk has just what you need – a Steampunk Case for iPhone 4, entitled The “iCog Dione” V.1B “Boilerplate”. handmade from wood and brass, the exterior is hand-rubbed with English Walnut finish and the interior given a Cranberry-Apple felt to cushion the phone. the case features brass plated steel rods for the volume control, and on/pff button (note: no mute switch here), and a spring-operated trap door for letting your iPhone slips in and to facilitate charging and syncing. needless to say, the highlight is the iCog Lid copper sculpture on the back. the iCog Dione V.1B Boilerplate Steampunk iPhone 4 case is up for grab for $95 via VictorianSteampunk store on Etsy.


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