Steampunk mouse is what Doctor Evil will use

Steampunk Mouse 544x388px
(credit: Peter Balch) Steampunk Mouse | US$ASK |

your computer mouse won’t have a brain like Peter Balch’s steampunk mouse, literally. there is something (unexplainable) about Balch’s Steampunk Mouse that have us ogling all over it and at the same time, giving us a sense of creepiness. perhaps, it is the realistic brain formed out of FIMO modeling material enclosed within a Victoria gas mantle that gives us the creeps. in any case, the steampunk mouse is definitely a work of art and you can make one yourself with Balch’s brief instruction on his website. however, if you are not technically inclined then Balch is more than happy to make one for you at a price.
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Steampunk Mouse 544x538px
(credit: Peter Balch)

Peter Balch via Technabob

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