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Steampunk Apple Watch? We Say Why The Hell Not?

Good news, Apple Watch users who have an affinity for all-thing steampunk. Etsy seller JoyComplex has just the right stuff that will add a dose of steampunk to your Apple Watch. Nope. It will NOT turn your Apple Watch into a steam-driven gadget with cogs and gears. Neither will it emits lovely steam, but it will make the watch look, well, steampunk-ish and that’s all that matters, right? And yes, it is an Apple Watch cover, but mind you, this isn’t just any cheap look-like-metal-plastic cover. This thing is of hand-casted metal made specifically for 42mm Apple Watch. Continue reading Steampunk Apple Watch? We Say Why The Hell Not?

Batman Meets Steampunk And Awesomeness Ensues

Considering how dark Batman’s comics, cartoons and movies are, I think it is only fitting that this world’s famous, fictional caped crime fighter receive his fair share of steampunk treatment and steampunk treatment it did get, courtesy of Olivier Xavier. Little is known about this awesome creation, but according to the man himself, this Victorian-age cape crusader’s ride was scratch built for his son’s fan film and that was it. No build details, no words on when the fan film will be out and if we will be able to catch it. Regardless, we have a feeling that it is going to be an awesome work of art too. I mean, seriously, a Victorian Batman? That’s clearly beyond awesome. Continue reading Batman Meets Steampunk And Awesomeness Ensues

Steampunk-ish Jawa Sprint Motorcycle May Be The Thinnest Bike In The World

This is not a motorcycle blog and therefore, we can’t feature every damn motorcycles out there. Instead, we take on the ethos of ‘appreciating beauty’, only posting two-wheelers that’s new, fun or raises eyebrow. The Jawa Sprint Motorcycle by Germany bike customiser, Urban Motor, belongs to the latter and it is easy to see why. What draws us to it is obvious; it is has a very steampunk-ish fair to it and it is minimalist to the core. Seriously, you can’t get any minimal than this, unless it is a bicycle. The bike was created with Glemseck 101 in mind, where it will go head-to-head with a bunch of manufacturers and custom builders in the event’s inaugural Essenza sprint. Continue reading Steampunk-ish Jawa Sprint Motorcycle May Be The Thinnest Bike In The World

Making The Best Of A Bad Situation: A Back Brace Steampunked

What if a person finds out that he or she needs to wear a post-surgical device such a back brace, for example? While others may resigned to the fate and live with it for as long as it takes for them to get well, Maddie, who suffered a T12 fracture from a bad wreck, is not about to conform to a white medical assistance device. A concern friend by the name of Sarah, who is obviously a talented artist, helped her to transform a mundane looking back brace into one that oozes with steampunk style. The result is clearly astounding. The once standard post-surgical device now looks more like a classy, Victorian-era armored corset designed for cosplay. Continue reading Making The Best Of A Bad Situation: A Back Brace Steampunked

Steampunk LEGO by Guy Himber Will Most Certainly Set Your Steampunk Gears in Motion

Steampunk and LEGO is like a match made in heaven. No Wait. What am I talking about? LEGO is a match made in heaven with anything, but I, if not all of us here, have this special affinity for steampunk stuff and to associate this fabulous subject with LEGO is like the best thing since the invention of these wonderful plastic bricks. If you’re on the same page as us, then we think you should really be keeping your eyes out for the Steampunk LEGO by Guy Himber (No Starch Press, ISBN 978-1-59327-528-0) coming your way later this November. Culminated in this 200-page hardcover coffee table book are Steampunk LEGO creations by dozens of different artists from across the world, as curated by LEGO builder and special effects master Guy Himber. Continue reading Steampunk LEGO by Guy Himber Will Most Certainly Set Your Steampunk Gears in Motion

This Stunning Steampunk Millennium Falcon Is The Worthy Winner Of Steam Wars Returns

remember the Steampunk LEGO Star Wars AT-AT by Markus1984 we featured a couple of weeks ago? well, sadly. it didn’t take the trophy at the competition, but the good news is, Markus1984’s entry for the final round at the FBTB MOC Madness, a Steampunk Millennium Falcon, took the first place. congratulations Markus1984. you have impressed the world with your creative LEGO building skill. most amazingly, it took him just 6 days and around 50 hours to construct it and if you reference that to the level of details he had put into it, even on the inside, i am sure you be in awe. us? we are completely captivated and wish only that this could be a real LEGO set which our pathetic returns, if any at all, from this blog can afford to acquire one someday. Continue reading This Stunning Steampunk Millennium Falcon Is The Worthy Winner Of Steam Wars Returns

Steampunk Star Wars AT-AT Is Probably Not Going To Be Practical, But A Sight To Behold Nonetheless

AT-AT is a monster machine in the Star Wars universe, but it is freaking cumbersome and slow, and faces threat from relatively tiny, cable-towing Snowspeeders. however, that doesn’t make it any less cool and it won’t stop LEGO builder Markus1984 from recreating it in LEGO, in steampunk guise, which completely blow our mind. just look at the towering twin chimney ‘spewing’ out LEGO ‘smoke’. ok. maybe the steam engine that goes under the hood will make it worst and give it near zero chance in surviving on Hoth, but chances are the Snowspeeders are also coal-powered, so that kind of levels the playing field, doesn’t it? nah. that’s not happening. it is just a LEGO masterpiece which Markus1984 used to enter the Steam Wars competition. Continue reading Steampunk Star Wars AT-AT Is Probably Not Going To Be Practical, But A Sight To Behold Nonetheless

Steampunk R2-D2 by Nocturne Armory

as beautiful as the steampunk R2-D2 by artist AmoebaBoy is, it is still an art that won’t move. we don’t blame him, cos’ it is, after all, an art sculpture and something tells us that sculptures don’t usually moves. however, the recent Steampunk R2-D2 iteration by Nocturne Armory, a specialist in designing and fabrication of custom lightsabers, costumes and props, takes the steampunk R2 droid to the next level by blessing it with movements. and so, yes. this frictional Victoria-era flavored droid is operational, presumably through radio control, and comes complete with a rotating translucent dome featuring the steampunk’s mandatory gears and cogs twirling inside (no steam spewing out of it, though). it is really, really an awesome sight (or else, we wouldn’t be mentioning it here, would it?). Continue reading Steampunk R2-D2 by Nocturne Armory

Crazy Combat Catapults

weapons of any kind are all dangerous, but still, there’s no denying that anything that involves projectile is pretty alluring, especially to man. however, not all are inclined to pick up a weapon because of various reasons ranging from local laws, social stigma, risks et cetera. so the Crazy Combat Catapults seem like an awesome solution. firstly, they are not actually catapults off-the-rack… yet, so you probably can buy wherever you might be located without much restriction; secondly, they are made of cardboard and shoots a cardboard-made old wall telephone which makes both the ‘weapon’ and the ‘projectile’ relatively harmless; and lastly, it has an evergreen steampunk-esque look which makes it all the more attractive. Continue reading Crazy Combat Catapults

Victorian Retro Steampunk Computer by Datamancer

if you have a Victorian era kind of interior decor, you have to agree that no modern gadgets are going fit it, much less a PC. well, that won’t be case if you do yourself a favor and grab this 14 grand custom Victorian Retro Steampunk Computer by Datamancer off from eBay – but do heed that the $14k here is just the starting bid. the price sure is astronomical as far as PC is concerned, but knowing Datamancer, you probably would be getting what you would be paying for. described as “the most intricate, time-consuming, and original design” to come from expert builder Richard R. Nagy (of Datamancer), this custom computer is inspired by the brass computational machines made by Charles Babbage in the mid 1800s. Continue reading Victorian Retro Steampunk Computer by Datamancer