Adam Savage Built A Steampunk Rickshaw For Boston Dynamics’ Spot To Haul Him Around

Since the development and subsequently the commercial availability of Boston Dynamics’ robotic dog, Spot, the question has been” “what can it really can do?” Well, today (or more correctly, February 13) the question has been answered by maker extraordinaire/TV personality Adam Savage.

Chainsaw Desk Lamp Is Just About The Coolest Thing To Happen To A Lamp

”Do you wake up, worrying about your lamp that it does not have enough testosterone and doesn’t represent you as a man?” Those were the words from our favorite madcap British garage inventor, plumber-turn-YouTube celebrity Colin Furze. So, what did he do about the lack of manliness in a lamp? Well, he fuses a chainsaw […]

We Finally Found Out Who Was Behind The Crazy Steampunk Wrist Watches!

A couple of years ago, we stumbled upon some super cool DIY steampunk wrist watches on Tumblr. Back then, we tried to dig around for more information, particularly on who was behind it, but to no avail (you know how attribution is with Tumblr). But today, we finally found who was behind these crazy awesome […]

This Is How Ladies In Steampunk World Should Dress Like

Steampunk stories often depicts folks in Victorian-era getups which I never got to understanding why is it so. Modern day movie adaption of Julie Verne’s Around the World in 80 Days (Walt Disney Pictures, 2004)) directed by Frank Coraci is a good example. It was all about three-piece suits, corsets, hoops and petticoats made skirts […]

Working Steam-powered NERF Gun May Be Good For Steaming Clothes Too

Fascinated by steampunk culture? Like duh.. who doesn’t right? Fantasy aside, have you ever thought about if steam-powered devices are actually practical in real life? I mean, seriously, the time it takes for steam to muster enough power to execute a task or two, it will take need a lot of heat and time. Having […]

Custom LEGO Steampunk Battleship Really Should Be An Official LEGO Set!

If there’s one genre that has not received as much love from LEGO, it would be steampunk. Ok. I know steampunk is totally fictional, but so are many other LEGO sets, and therefore, it is not entirely audacious to think the Custom LEGO Steampunk Battleship by A.Graham LEGO Design, submitted to LEGO Ideas, deserves some […]

Here Are Five Steampunk USB Flash Drives You Simply Can’t Ignore

USB Flash Drive is dime a dozen, so there is really nothing much to talk about unless it packs, I don’t know, maybe like 2TB in it? That said, USB Flash Drive has come to point where, picking up one is no longer the question of speeds, or brands, it is a matter of aesthetic. […]

Steampunk Apple Watch? We Say Why The Hell Not?

Good news, Apple Watch users who have an affinity for all-thing steampunk. Etsy seller JoyComplex has just the right stuff that will add a dose of steampunk to your Apple Watch. Nope. It will NOT turn your Apple Watch into a steam-driven gadget with cogs and gears. Neither will it emits lovely steam, but it […]

Batman Meets Steampunk And Awesomeness Ensues

Considering how dark Batman’s comics, cartoons and movies are, I think it is only fitting that this world’s famous, fictional caped crime fighter receive his fair share of steampunk treatment and steampunk treatment it did get, courtesy of Olivier Xavier. Little is known about this awesome creation, but according to the man himself, this Victorian-age […]