1887 Batman Steampunk Cape Crusader

There are awesome things that words can described and then there are awesome things that they do not need narration of any kind. The 1887 Batman by art director Mohanad Hossam is a shiny example of the latter.

1887 Batman Steampunk Cape Crusader

1887 Batman is a render of the cape crusader re-imagined by Hossam. It is exactly what it says it is, Batman in the year 1887. Hossam amazing design of the Bat answers the curious question of “what if Batman was a superhero in the Victoria era?” “What the Bat goes full-on steampunk?”

Gone are the high-tech, modern day materials. In place are materials that ticks the steampunk check boxes. Materials like brass, copper and leather.

Somehow, it feels like Mohanad Hossam’s 1887 Batman was an answer to Olivier Xavier’s steampunk Batmobile we saw 3 years ago. 1887 Batman, btw, was created 2 years ago. It may be 2 years old, but man, it is worthy of mention anytime.

Images: Artstation (Mohanad Hossam).

Source: Cool Material.