I never thought I would ever describe a night light as ‘delicious looking’. Like, ever. But then the Bread Night Light comes along. Available in a selection of delectable bread/pastry design, including croissant, cross, rugby and stick, these night lights are made from real flour. Because they are made of real flour, I’d think you be tempted to devour them when you are hungry. But seriously, don’t

Night Light Made of Real Bread

Even though they are made of actual edible flour, it is advisable NOT to eat them. Well, at least not before removing the electronics and batteries. Just kidding. You really shouldn’t eat them unless you are in an apocalyptic situation. On second thought, you probably shouldn’t even during apocalypse. For the love of god, these are electronics! Surely, you don’t go around chomping down household appliance, do you?

Beyond the debate of whether you should or should not be eating it, the Bread Night Light should make for a novel, if not absolutely bizarre, lighting decoration. Each Bread Night Light is powered by AAA battery, or if you desire, via USB. I would think the latter would be a better idea because, it makes more obvious not to eat it. I wonder, since it is made of real flour, will it perish? Or will it attract ants? I have so many questions.

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Anyways, the Bread Night Light can be had for $29.90 a pop. However, at the time of this post, though, there is a sale going where you can bag one for just $19.90.

All images courtesy of MeetIDEA.

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