There is no denying that most objects look futuristic if they levitate. Levitating objects make any contemporary space feels more futuristic than Jetsons family’s home and if that’s what you want, Floately has just the levitating stuff for you. It has floating light bulb (VOLTA), floating bonsai plant (AIRSAI), floating Moon (LUNA), and floating Bluetooth speaker (NEBULA). The latter is the one that captures my imagination most because, UFO, duh. TBH, my attention is with NEBULA the whole time.

Floately Floating UFO Bluetooth Speaker

The concept of levitating bulb, planter and speaker all have been done, but man, there’s just something about having a Bluetooth speaker that looks like a levitating flying saucer that’s particularly intriguing. Throw in some mood lights that change colors and consistent 360 degrees rotation, you have an otherworldly audio and visual experience. Not going to lie. NEBULA is more surreal than the UFO chicken coop and the flying saucer fishing boat, and the perfect companion to the Alien Abduction Lamp.

If you are down for some levitating light and home decor products, then you may find the aforementioned products over at Floately website, priced at $99.99 and up. And oh, while you are at it, you may want to use this code: FLOAT-XHRJJN for 10 percent discount. You’re welcome.

Floately Floating Bonsai

All images courtesy of Floately.

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