Megi Is Dimmable, Inverted Levitation Desk Lamp With Voice Control

We have all seen magnetic levitation desk lamp, but probably not like Megi. Megi is an inverted levitation lamp. Instead of hovering above a surface, it dangles from the top. Much like a pendant lamp, but without the cable.

Hypelev Levitating Sneaker Stand Lets You Show Off Your Sneaker By Levitating It In Midair

Spending $4,000 for a pair of custom Nike Air Max 97 filled with “holy water” is opulent. But you know what’s even more opulent as far as footwear goes? This: Hypelev Levitating Sneaker Stand.

This Is Flyte Story, The World’s First Levitating Clock

While I was researching for the previous article, I came across another very interesting magnetic levitation product from Flyte. Flyte is, if you recall, one of the earlier brands that first pitched the idea of a levitating light bulb back in 2016. Between now and then, it has came up with a few new stuff, […]

Here Are Some Levitating Objects To Make Your Contemporary Space Look More Futuristic

There is no denying that most objects look futuristic if they levitate. Levitating objects make any contemporary space feels more futuristic than Jetsons family’s home and if that’s what you want, Floately has just the levitating stuff for you. It has floating light bulb (VOLTA), floating bonsai plant (AIRSAI), floating Moon (LUNA), and floating Bluetooth […]

Meet Moon, The World’s First Levitating Security Camera

Magnetic levitation is not the hottest technology, but it never stop this technology being applied to a variety of products outside of mass transportation system. We have seen more than a handful here, including the likes of toys, desk lamp, turntable, wireless charger, wireless speaker, furniture, and even keyboard and a drinking cup – just […]

Floating Cloud Lamp Silently Kicks Up A Storm On Your Desk With Lights

Designer Richard Clarkson is known for a lot artsy stuff, but nothing from his portfolio stood out more than his cloud sculptures. You see, Richard here is kind of like X-Men’s Storm. He can whip up quite a storm. Granted, he won’t do damages like Ororo Munroe does when she is really pissed. His is […]

China’s 2nd Domestically-developed Maglev Train Goes On Trial Operation

The idea of Magnetic Levitation, or Maglev, train system is to eliminate friction so that it can go faster in a more efficient manner, but that does not appear to be the case in China’s newest homegrown Maglev system that kicks into trial operation last week. Train enthusiasts can probably tell from the head carriage […]

Hyperloop One Vehicle Levitates In Full-scale Test, Made Major Milestone

Hyperloop One has made another major milestone since the first propulsion open-air test. The Hyperloop One test vehicle, or more correctly, a sled, hurled down the near-vacuum test track and levitated by the virtue of magnetic levitation for a good 3 seconds before coming to a halt on its own. The first full scale system […]

Mag-Lev Comes To Turntable, Has Platter That Floats As It Playbacks

It seems to us that one of the latest fad in the tech world is magnetic levitation. After trains, it seems like everything else is better when floating. First you have speakers, collectible figurines, cups and now, the seemingly impossible, turntable. Yep. You heard that right. Which also begs the question from vinyl enthusiasts: is […]

This Floating Cloud Wireless Speaker Has No Thunder, Only Sweet Tunes

Remember Richard Clarkson’s Cloud Lamp from a few years ago? Also remember the ‘real’ Mattel hoverboard by Crealev? Well, the brilliant minds of the aforementioned individual and outfit have come together to create a “mid-size” floating cloud that not only hovers indoor, but also able to playback your favorite tunes and lights up, or should […]