Floately, the maker of all things levitating, is back with a new floating lamp, called Gravita Levitating Smart Lamp. Unlike many levitating lamp we have seen previously, Gravita has a rustic touch to it – thanks to the warm, relaxing glow of the 1700 temperature retro-looking LED bulb.

Gravita Levitating Smart Lamp by Floately

While the Gravita looks like the Megi we saw a few months ago, it stands out with its rustic tone and one additional feature: Bluetooth speakers. I guess, you could say, it is another gadget that lets you own one less thing.

Actually, may be two, or even three less things to own because, it also has a wireless charger built into the base as well as a USB-A and a USB-C for charging other devices via wired means.

Gravita Levitating Smart Lamp by Floately

Like Megi, it has power-off protection that, in case of a power failure, Gravita’s bulb will automatically snap to the upper magnet. But in any case, the bulb is dust-, water- and shatter-resistant, so there’s no need to handle it like your are dealing with uranium.

If you are sold by the idea, you may want to consider joining the nearly 800 backers on Kickstarter to pre-order a unit with a pledge of 965 Hong Kong dollars and up (about US$125 or more).

Gravita Levitating Smart Lamp by Floately

The campaign is well over its set funding goal and it will end in 7 days time. Floately said it is ready to ship the lamp in time for Christmas. So, if you are in the market for a cool gift with some warm this holiday season, you may want to give Gravita a thought. Hit the jump for the pitch video.

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Gravita Levitating Smart Lamp by Floately

All images courtesy of Floately.

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