We have all seen magnetic levitation desk lamp, but probably not like Megi. Megi is an inverted levitation lamp. Instead of hovering above a surface, it dangles from the top. Much like a pendant lamp, but without the cable.

Megi Dimmable Levitating Lamp with Voice Control

I know what you are thinking. Wouldn’t there be a risk of it falling from incidents like someone knocking an unstable desk, or perhaps, a power outage? Well, it won’t, apparently. Megi is designed with auto-catch protection.

In the event of someone knocking into it and caused it to destabilize, or there is a power disruption, the lamp will be stick to the top in a blink of an eye. If that’s not enough to assure you, the lamp is a tough nut to crack if it ever drops. If the auto-catch works as intended, drops will only likely to happen from a slipped hand.

Besides serving as a light source and an eye candy to your home decor, Megi is also a charging device too. Built into its base is a 5W USB-A port for wired charging as well as a 15W wireless charging pad. Pretty snazzy, eh?

A few other notables include dimmable lamp, built-in microphone and speaker for voice control, and finally, a patented eye-protecting anti-blue light.

Megi Dimmable Levitating Lamp with Voice Control

If you ask me, Megi is really a novelty product. You know, something you will get for the high-tech look and feel for your home.

If that’s you are after, you can secure yourself a unit for $129-$169 on Kickstarter. The campaign is funded and so, if you pledged, the ball in Megi’s court.

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Images: Kickstarter (Megi).

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