Nissin Fun: Cup Noodles Bedding Set, Mops, Pom Pom, Socks, And More

Before we go on, we just want to be clear that we do not know if these are real Nissin Foods’ actual merchandise. I mean they are stuff posted by the cup noodle maker themselves on Twitter but we cannot be sure if they are something money can buy (probably not).

Anker 3-in-1 Cube With MagSafe Charges Your iPhone, Apple Watch, And AirPods At The Same Time

Apple MagSafe Duo Charger is cool and portable but unfortunately, it can only charge two devices, namely, an iPhone and an Apple Watch, at any given time. If you are all absorbed into the Apple ecosystem, you would have AirPods to charge too. Enters the Anker 3-in-1 Cube with MagSafe.

Jackery LightTent-AIR Is An Inflatable Tent That Has Solar Panels

When you started to see products that don’t belong to the consumer electronics category at CES, you know that tech has evolved. Automobiles are one of them. It started several years ago. And now, we are seeing, wait what? A tent? That’s right. Jackery, makers of outdoor generators and solar panels, have brought a tent …

Lenovo Go Desk Station With Webcam: The Ultimate Desk Declutting Gadget

Thinking of decluttering your tabletop? If so, Lenovo may have something for you. The Lenovo Go Desk Station is a webcam, a USB hub, and a wireless charger, and it is a desk lamp too. All these functions are cleverly integrated into a beautiful, minimalistic, and yet somewhat futuristic design.

Tesla Wants To Sell You A US$300 Wireless Charging Platform For Your Qi-enabled Gadgets

Well, what do you know? Tesla now has a wireless charging pad to sell you too. Actually, it is long overdue if you really think about it. I mean, it already has a power bank and a desktop supercharger, and having a wireless charging pad is a no-brainer for the tech company, right?

AOHi Modular Extension USB-C Cable Set: Create The Cable Length You Need

Until the day morphing length cable is a reality, owning multiple USB cables of different lengths is somewhat of a necessary evil. The AOHi Modular Extension USB-C Cable Set is exactly the latter but with a modular twist. It is a mix-and-match cable set that lets you form the length that you need.

Shargeek 67W Charger Pays Homage To The Classic Macintosh PC And The Matrix

Remember the super cool charging brick that looked like the classic Macintosh all-in-one computer? Well, there is a new one. This time it is more powerful and has a functional display as opposed to just lighting up. Folks, meet the new and upgraded Shargeek 67W Charger with Power Display.