8 Must-Have iPhone Accessories You Need In 2023

In this rapidly evolving digital world, iPhones have become necessary tools that serve many functions. To maximize the utility and enjoyment of your iPhone in 2023, it’s crucial to consider the right accessories. This article explores the top eight must-have iPhone accessories to enhance your phone experience.

Press Release: GravaStar Launches Mecha Robot-inspired Charger That Transforms Your Charging Experience with Style, Speed, And Safety

Experience the GravaStar Delta35 GaN Fast Charger – where innovative design, eco-friendly technology, dual ports, advanced safety, and universal compatibility combine to redefine your charging experience. Get ready to power up in style and efficiency!

Meet AOHi Starship, The World’s Most Powerful 2-in-1 40,000 mAh Power Bank

I am sure you are familiar with a charging station, or power hub. It lets you charge multiple USB-powered gadgets with a single charging device. I am also sure you are familiar with a power bank. Now, imagine these two things rolled into one and you get a 2-in-1.

Redmagic To Launch 150W Smart GaN Charger Through Kickstarter

Redmagic is planning to launch a 150W Smart GaN Charger that screams “gaming!”. The charging brick borrows the aesthetic from the Redmagic line of gaming smartphones, applying the now-in-vogue transparent design on a charging brick which Redmagic describes as a“cool appearance design”.

The “Internet Host Key” From The Chinese Sci-Fi Flick Wandering Earth 2 Is Now A Power Bank

A power bank can get obsolete. Although it will take a while before new charging technologies make it obsolete. When that happens, you will likely have to send it to a battery recycler. Well, not if your power bank is the Sharge “The Wandering Earth 2” Internet Host Key Power Bank.

Evangelion x Casetify Collection Includes An Evangelion Mobile Ejection Stand Wireless Charging Stand

Fans of Evangelion will not want to miss the first-ever collaboration between Evangelion and gadget accessories maker Casetify. Dubbed the PROJECT CSTF: PROTECTION from IMPACT, the Evangelion x Casetify Collection features products that are unlike anything we have seen in the past.

GravaStar x Transformers Sirius P5 TWS And Alpha65 Announced For China Market

We have always thought GravaStar’s products are very mech-like and are a match made in heaven with franchises like Transformers and Mobile Suit Gundam. And if you have read our reviews of GravaStar products, you will notice that we often pair them with Transformers figures for our product shoots. And it looks like this matrimony …

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