Lenovo Go Desk Station With Webcam: The Ultimate Desk Declutting Gadget

Thinking of decluttering your tabletop? If so, Lenovo may have something for you. The Lenovo Go Desk Station is a webcam, a USB hub, and a wireless charger, and it is a desk lamp too. All these functions are cleverly integrated into a beautiful, minimalistic, and yet somewhat futuristic design.

Moooi’s New Grwoww Pet Light Is Perfect For Year Of The Tiger

They say pets are the lights of our lives. I don’t know if it is true because I don’t own a pet but one thing I am sure of is, pets need taking care of and this means, cleaning after them. Clearly, not everyone’s a fan of this chore. If you aren’t a fan, here’s …

This New Levitating Lamp Is Also A Bluetooth Speaker And A Wireless Charging Pad

Floately, the maker of all things levitating, is back with a new floating lamp, called Gravita Levitating Smart Lamp. Unlike many levitating lamp we have seen previously, Gravita has a rustic touch to it – thanks to the warm, relaxing glow of the 1700 temperature retro-looking LED bulb.