The Spine Lamp from The blackened Teeth

When we talked about why aesthetic appeal is essential in real estate, we do not mean sprucing up your home with a lamp that has a spine for the post unless your target market is goth fanatics. In that case, you should totally pick up The Spine Lamp by The Blackened Teeth.

The Spine Lamp from The blackened Teeth

The notion of having The Spine Lamp is morbid – even more so when it looks incredibly like the real deal. How real? Well, instead of wondering how it was made (which is wood, resin, and metal), you probably will wonder what was the age of the person of the owner of that spine.

Nah. Obviously, nothing sinister here (right, right?). A human has 33 stacked vertebrae while the lampshade has 22 – not counting the cervical vertebra. Yes. I counted. I just want to be sure. Anyhoo, I love the fact it includes the ilium of the pelvic girdle aka hipbone region. Extra points for that. It adds to the realism, IMHO.

The Spine Lamp from The blackened Teeth

The Spine Lamp is handmade by a small team of artisans in South Wales. You can choose between a black spine and a white spine, as well as pick from the three lampshades available to suit your choice of decor. All three options have black exteriors but a choice of gold, copper, and white inner. The lamp is quite imposing too, standing at 68 cm (26.8 inches) with the shade.

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If anyone’s interested, The Spine Lamp from The blackened Teeth can be had from Etsy for US$161.71+.

Images: Etsy (theblackenedteeth).

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